Slimfast starts today! :)

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  1. LillyLisa

    LillyLisa Member

    Hey everyone!! :D

    I have officially started the slimfast diet! :p I had the powder mix strawberry milkshake for breakfast which I made in the blender as I heard it could be lumpy in a shaker and I thought it was nice! :) I also had a cup (250ml) of water to go to the 2 litres we're supposed to have. Then for lunch/dinner I had a chocolate meal replacement bar and another cup of water.

    I've been for a twenty minute and a half an hour walk and managed to drink about another 300ml of water but I'm not sure if I can get it up to 2 litres or not as it really is a lot D:

    The good news is that so far I am not hungry and I haven't had one snack yet. For tea I am going to have a weight watchers meal and a yogurt as this will definitely equal 600 calories or less :) I have also bought some carrots, bananas and chocolate caramel slimfast treat snack bars in case I get really hungry (only up to 3 though! :D)

    I have also just ordered a box of each flavour meal bar, a tub of strawberry milkshake powder and a selection of slimfast snacks which will keep me well stocked for awhile when it arrives! :D 12 days where I won't have to worry about having everything in! :p

    I am going to go on another half an hour walk with my mum and dog before tea as well to give me some form of exercise and I will fit in games like wii fit and just dance as well as I can burn quite a few calories this way! :)

    So, is anyone else doing the slimfast diet or planning to start it?? Does anyone want to compare results etc.? :) it will help us all stick to it if we give each other encouragement and support!! :D
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  3. Lilypondprince

    Lilypondprince Full Member

    I also mix my in a blender with 3 or 4 ice cubes and blitz it .... The shake comes out thick chill and really yummy ......Good luck with diet ...
  4. k8joealf

    k8joealf Full Member

    Hi I lost weight on SF a few years back :) good luck xx
  5. LillyLisa

    LillyLisa Member

    How long did it take?? Also would it be really bad to take the day off for my birthday??
  6. hannah13

    hannah13 Full Member

    Well I've decided to give slimfast a go I'm 5ft 2 and weigh 10st 2lb
    This time last year I was 9st 2 so hoping to shift the stone plus another 4lb on top so 18lb in total

    Going to start tomorrow got to drop kids at nursery then nip and get some shakes.

    Would be great to have others to chat to, I find chocolate so hard to give up :-/
  7. LillyLisa

    LillyLisa Member

    Heyy :) you can talk to me! :p and if your craving chocolate they have chocolate shakes, meal bars and snack bars so you should be fine!! :D
  8. hannah13

    hannah13 Full Member

    How long have you been on the shakes?
  9. hannah13

    hannah13 Full Member

    I'm going to try super drug tomorrow as all there pre made shakes are 75p and snacks from 27p :)

    Billy bargain
  10. hannah13

    hannah13 Full Member

    Been and got my shakes and did a weigh in at boots but I had my shoes on watch jumper etc was quite shocked when It said 10 st 5

    However I went home weighted in the same clothes mine said 10 6 and half so took watch and shoes off it came down to 10.3 half at home.

    So hopefully a true reading at boots would put me at 10.2 with shoes and watch off.

    Least I know my scales weigh heavier so to get back in the 9s on them would be fab.

    Super drug prices are fab for slimfast doing tubs for £2.95 ready made ones only 75p

    Here's to my first week on slimfast to give me the kick up the arse I need.
  11. LillyLisa

    LillyLisa Member

    I started on Saturday so today is my 3rd day :p I think I'm going to weigh my self in boots every Saturday as wii fit seems to change everyday..
  12. hannah13

    hannah13 Full Member

    Only thing I find is some of the products leave a funny taste in your mouth :-/
  13. LillyLisa

    LillyLisa Member

    I think that's what the waters for :p what do is have a cup of water with each shake and meal bar. It helps add to your water count and it should get rid of the taste if you don't like it too! :)
  14. cactus

    cactus Gold Member

    Hi guys, I started taking the shakes last week. I find the chocolate and strawberry ones are okay, but the banana one is really nice.
  15. hannah13

    hannah13 Full Member

    Have you had your first weigh in yet?
  16. cactus

    cactus Gold Member

    Hi Hannah, yes first week I lost 3lb :D
  17. DopeyAngel

    DopeyAngel Sweet wrapper fetishist.

    That's a good first week loss cactus. I started today too - thought strawberry was ok but chocolate was not so nice so I'll try to get rid of that one quickly!
  18. hannah13

    hannah13 Full Member

    Well done :) that's excellent.

    What sort of things do you have for your evening meal?
  19. cactus

    cactus Gold Member

    Hi DopeyAngel I have seen you around the diaries, isn't your name Amy? I don't want to sound ignorant calling you dopey lol : )

    I think it's a good way to lose some weight fast, but I'm not sure how long you are supposed to do it for, someone told me you take the shakes for 2 weeks then stop for 2 weeks, Idk lol
  20. cactus

    cactus Gold Member

    Thanks Hannah13 : )

    I'm not really following the 3-2-1 plan Hannah, I'm doing calorie counting and using the milkshakes as 1/3 of my daily intake, I just figured every little helps : D
  21. hannah13

    hannah13 Full Member

    I want to do it for 2 - 3 weeks ish then calorie count.

    Although I have looked at articles and been on the slim fast site and nothing to say don't do it for longer.

    Yes the sugar content is high but can't imagine much worse than junk food diets, you get lots of vitamins that on junk food diets you probably don't get, and you still get 1200 calories a day so no different to calorie counting.

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