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  1. longtobeslim

    longtobeslim Full Member

    Well i seem to be working my way round this forum gone from units to cd to slimfast.I did cd for six weeks and had to come off as i felt quite ill on it,so i am now doing slimfast which i started yesterday so far so good,doesnt seem to be many doing slimfast.Anyway nevermind.Lucyxx
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  3. Eileen

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    Slimming world.
    Good luck Lucy i hope it works for you, we all need too find the diet that works best for us.
  4. longtobeslim

    longtobeslim Full Member

  5. girlygirl

    girlygirl Silver Member

    I use Slim Fast regularly, but I follow my own plan. It's quite tasty, fairly cheap and easy to find. Like you I began to feel ill on CD and finally decided that SS wasn't for me.

    The problem for many people here is that CD and SF are polar opposites. If you switch directly from SS and ketosis to the high carb/higher calorie content of SF you can suffer an alarmingly large water regain, accompanied by a sudden increase in appetite. Both problems are only temporary but they can take a while to disappear. This discourages peeps.

    Good luck, and keep going.
  6. TwoPoundsPerWeek

    TwoPoundsPerWeek Full Member

    I actually really like the Slimfast products. They are great as a quick breakfast, because you can eat/drink them on the commute, and they keep you satisfied until you can have a mid-morning snack or lunch (depending on how early you eat I have always incorporated them into my plan whenever I have tried to lose weight, and I think they're great. Yay for Slimfast.
  7. longtobeslim

    longtobeslim Full Member

    I didnt think anyone else on here was using slim fast i am glad i am not the only one.Lucy
  8. longtobeslim

    longtobeslim Full Member

    I am quite enjoying slim fast,that fact that i can have a nice well balanced meal in the eveing is really helping to keep me on track.Not seen too much of a gain only a couple of lbs so i am not too worried :D got my weigh in on thursday so fingers crossed.Lucyxx
  9. Sam

    Sam Banned

    I also tried slim fast about a year ago. First I really liked the shakes and I also lost some weight. But after a few weeks I really felt like eating something else. I even felt nauseous when I had to drink another shake. But maybe this kind of diet simply wasn't right for me. Nevertheless I wish you good luck on this programm. Hopefully it is great for you!
  10. longtobeslim

    longtobeslim Full Member

    Thankyou Sam,I feel that it is the right diet this time ,i have tryed slim fast many years ago but came off after a few days as i felt really hungery on it,but this time it feels different i dont feel hungery at all.I think its because of CD i need less to feel full.Lucyxx
  11. DQ

    DQ Queen of the Damned

    Sounds like it's going well for you Lucy :clap: Let us know how your weigh in goes :)
  12. longtobeslim

    longtobeslim Full Member

  13. DQ

    DQ Queen of the Damned

    Love your avatar honey!! :cool: ;)
  14. longtobeslim

    longtobeslim Full Member

    Thanx DQ i think its fab,got it from they have some really great ones on there.Lucyxx
  15. DQ

    DQ Queen of the Damned

    Ooohh will have a looksee :D :thankyou:
  16. longtobeslim

    longtobeslim Full Member

    Well its a new week,new diet,new me.I am really loving slim fast just hope its right for me this time.I cant see threre being a problem just got to stick to it.Lucyxx
  17. Sam

    Sam Banned

    And that is the most important thing! There are so many different ways to lose some weight and people are different. Probably this is really the best way for you to lose weight. I wish you so much luck and I am really looking forward to hear about your success! I am sure you will make it!
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  19. longtobeslim

    longtobeslim Full Member

  20. Sparkles*

    Sparkles* Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Hi all

    I am delighted to see some posts on slim fast I am at present on Lipotrim but Im going to come off it next week so I can switch to Slim fast while over the christmas I would be gratful of any tips or advise any one has...

    Looking forward to hearing from you all
  21. longtobeslim

    longtobeslim Full Member

    Hi Sparkles,I am pretty new to slim fast too,so i dont know that much about it.I have been on it just under a week after just coming off cd and i have gained a couple of lbs but i am not worried about as i did expect it but hopefully i will have dropped them soon.So dont worry if you have the same.You might find after a couple of days that you need a snack in between shakes,I have carrots sticks handy or caramel snack a jacks which are low in cals(about 62 each for a jumbo one).I still drink the same amount of water which as you know keeps the hunger at bay not that i am really hungery but you know what i mean.Hope it goes well for you.Please let us know how you go on.Lucyxx
  22. ScattyKatty

    ScattyKatty Full Member

    Slim Fast.
    Hey I'm on slim fast.
    Its good to know i'm not the only one :)
    Its the best diet out there for me personally. I really wouldn't swap it for any other. I lost 5 stone on it after having my daughter 3 years ago and kept it off for a year and a half without any problems. Until I got pregnant again with my son that is.
    Back on it now however.
    Its good to see some other slim fast converts on here :)
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