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*** slimmer and sunnier saturday - hour by hour ***

Morning everyone
havent started this one off for a while as head been all over the place and didnt want to inflict it on anyone really, but this morning feeling really happy and positive and in the first highs of ketosis and seeing the scales go down so wwhoooooooo hhhhhhooooooo!!!!
Hope you are all okay adn have a fab 100% day today.
Weekends are ALWAYS difficult - I find them a right pain as traditionally we all 'relax and enjoy time together and eat together' and in the week I can get on with ss no problem really.
Luckily HB not having a chinese or indian tonight so the lure of having an onelette or egg foo yung wont be there.
I didnt drink enough water yesterday really so will aim to make up for it today.
Got a relatively busy day today – DS has tennis lesson then a spot of shopping at Sainsburys then home for lunch and then out shopping with kids this afternoon gfor them to spend some of their holiday money. May just HAVE to get some new jeans in matalan I think.
Then kids off out with my Mum tonight adn over night so me and HB have a kid free ight – yippee and we are off to a 60th party – boo! Would rather spend quality time on my own with him but hey ho! Wont be drinking or eating at the party don’t want to spoil WI on Monday or all hard wotk getting into ketosis!
Have a fab day everyone
Love Jess

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Slimming down the aisle
Morning! Sounds like you really do have a busy day ahead. Good luck with the party tonight, I'm sure you'll manage to resist!

I've got a wedding today which will be interesting. I'm just not even going to go near the food. Having a bit of a crisis today over what I should wear though, none of my dresses or pretty clothes fit me anymore!! Hope you all have great days whatever you're doing

You too honey and morning to all who come after. Am in work this morning boo hoo so looking forward to a nice lie in tomorrow. Have got some housey stuff to do this afternoon and will change my bedding later so is nice to snuggle into tonight. Have a good day all and a good weekend xxx
Sorry morning Caroline we cross posted. You could do with a bit of retail therapy yourself then, they have some really reasonable dresses in Tesco at the mo and you dont mind buying them if they dont cost too much coz you know in a few weeks they will be too big again yey xxx


Slimming down the aisle
Looks like I might not be going to the wedding after all. Had a bit of a... disagreement with my mum who turned around and said she wasn't coming today. She was going to get her hair done yesterday but my parents had a big argument in the car and so ended up just coming home. So she's saying she can't go because of that. And because she has eczema and it's a bit bad on her hands at the moment. But then when I said no-one would notice her hands and we can do something with her hair, she offers up the excuse that after yesterdays argument it's probably best if she's not there anyway. So it's all just excuses really. But that's my mum for you, she can't turn around and say she doesn't want to go, instead she'll make up some excuse for it. Anyway.

The dress that I was going to wear has a now completely broken zip. It had done that annoying thing where it was half zipped up and the bit that was zipped came undone. So it seems rather than take the zip to the bottom, my mum took it to the top where it's obviously uncompletely undone and is now totally stuck. This happened in November, yes, November! My mum does a lot of stuff with clothes, used to make them and stuff, so she was meant to have changed the zip on it for me but 8 months later, she hasn't! So that dress is out the window now anyway. I think I'm just going to throw it away.
To be honest, I'm not that bothered really, I don't particularly like the people who are getting married! That feels mean saying, and it kind of feels like I should go anyway, but to be honest, I just really can't be bothered anymore! I'm not in wedding mood!
Aw bless you you sound really down today dont let your mum get you down honey keep your chin up xxx
Hi All,

Sorry you're missing the wedding Caroline but at least it's one less temptation!

That's a busy day you are having Jess - enjoy your party tonight! I don't know about you but nights off from the children are like gold dust to me and I hate "wasting" them on parties I don't particularly want to go to. Hopefully you'll have a lovely time regardless!

Julie - you've just reminded me I need to do my sheets! It's just too hot for housework today!!

I had my weigh in today and stayed the same. I feel a bit gutted as I was expecting at least 2lbs, but hey ho. I know I'm really bloated at the moment and as it was my birthday last weekend I did have a meal off plan. Still, it would have been nice to see a bit of a change.

The good news is that I'm wearing new size 14 clothes and loads of people have commented on my weight loss this morning. I had my hair done and went for a coffee with a friend afterwards and everyone I knew mentioned it, so I know it's coming off even if it's not showing on the scales.

I'm off to have some water now and then off to a local festival with the kids to watch some local bands & enjoy the sunshine!!:character00238::character00238:


Slimming down the aisle
To be honest, I don't mind. We were only going to the reception, and like I said, I don't like them much anyway! He makes me feel really uncomfortable for some reason.

STS is definitely better than a gain Alli, and you might find you get one to make up for it next week! Are you by any chance going to Danson Park? Random question I know!


Slimming down the aisle
Ooh what a coincidence! But I figured there can't be very many festivals in Kent today. I had hoped to come down for it to go with a few friends, not specifically for it, but come down and that was going to be a park of the weekend's plan, but didn't in the end. I live in Shropshire now but I'm originally from SE London, so not far away from Danson Park! Used to often go to funfairs and stuff there when I was a kid. I worked in quite a few schools around that way too during my gap year. Suddenly the world feels a bit smaller!
Hi all. I have just got back from dance classes and have drunk 3 litres of water already today. DD is about to go out with her Dad then I shall make some soup and have a little rest before tackling the washing. DD is going to Spain with school tomorrow night and suddenly put things out for washing that she would like to take!
Going back to the dancing - energy levels better today. I have done AAM last 2 nights and think it has made a difference.
Oh and got size 14 trousers on today that were far too tight to wear last month!


Silver Member
Hi all.

I feel so weak and drained! dont know if its the heat, hayfever, hayfever tablets or my body needing a bit more (another reason for moving to SS+) I've been managing nearly 3 litres of water all week + often extra in shakes but will try to have more today and see if that helps. My scales are showing 13 stone and a 1/4 so going to try to resist scale hoping and hopefully will be in the 12's at official WI on Weds.

Jess- enjoy your kid free night! we're going to a wedding reception next weekend and staying at a B&B for the night and grannys going to be babysitting -looking forward to it.

Caroline-shame about the wedding, hope you have a nice day.

Alli-hope you enjoy the festival!

Julie-enjoy your lie in tomorrow!

Had a nice morning here, went to village fair thing earlier and away to shops soon to get some SS+ supplies, mmm cottage cheese!.


Slimming down the aisle
Looks like I am going to the wedding after all! My Dad managed to persuade my Mum that she was being silly and would look perfectly lovely. Now I just have to figure out what to wear instead of the dress with the broken zip!
Hi all,
Well after the doctor told me to go up to 1000plan for a week, i have an sts!!! boo!! But at least i didnt gain right? Im having some health problems at the moment but have returned to ss today. must take a few days to get back into ketosis now but... will do my best to stay positive. it is really hard when your not feeling well, you know. So have a great day everyone


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Good luck wellandgood with getting back into ketosis and well done on staying the same while being unwell and being on 1000 plan, think Id be so tempted to over and comfort eat if I were ill. You've done really well!
Hi all,
Well after the doctor told me to go up to 1000plan for a week, i have an sts!!! boo!! But at least i didnt gain right? Im having some health problems at the moment but have returned to ss today. must take a few days to get back into ketosis now but... will do my best to stay positive. it is really hard when your not feeling well, you know. So have a great day everyone

Hey Denise
it is sssssssoooooooooo nice to see you back on here and Im so proud of you having a sts when going up to 1000 cals and being ill.
Ive got everything crossed you get back into ketosis quickly and dont suffer too much when you start back on ss tomorrow, but I suppose you probably cant feel any iller than you have been this last week!

Look forward to hearing how you get on thi week. Keep us informed



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Hi all,

Feel like I've had a CD blow out day today!, an orange bar,choc tetra and strawberry mousse and my SS+ meal!! away to have the mousse now and still got 1/2 choc tetra for bedtime!

great new pic Jess!

hope everybody's having a good weekend so far.

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