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Slimmer of the month

awww well done on getting Slimmer of the Month, I got it for March too, couldn't actually believe it but then again it is a wonderful feeling to know that you have lost more than every single member in your group. It is a nice incentive to your competative side lol x x x


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Congratulations and well done to both of you!:happy096: :party0011::party0011::party0011:


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Well done too Stacie!!! it's true it's great for my competitive side! i want it for April too!


Never gets tired of SW!
Well done you!! That's brilliant!! You have done exceptionally well considering you only started beginning of Feb, what 9 weeks ago?! You sound like you're enjoying your food too, which is the main thing! Some people lose quickly but at the cost of starvation or boredom and I couldn't put myself through that!! Congrats!! Next step 2 stone missy!! And to you Stacie!!X


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thank you! I am so enjoying it, i don't feel like im on a diet at all! I feel fired up for my challenge this week, im looking for a big loss next week :)


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Well done to both of you, you must feel wonderful. Do you mind me asking how much weight you have to lose to be sotm? Just interested. Dont think I will ever be sotw let alone sotm! we have a very big group x


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i think you just have to lose the most out of the group. i lost 13.5lbs in March :)
I feel like I am jumping on this thread! lol, Sorry Lou! Thanks everyone for your support. I lost 8 1/2lbs last month x


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don't feel like that stacie! it's nice there are two of us celebrating! :) thanks girls xx
I need to pull my finger out now and get away from these blimming 0.5lb loses, there is no reason why I should be losing that little and it is about time it was up there again like 4 weeks ago I lost 4lbs!.. time to get it sorted me thinks.
Well done!! :D

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
Well done guys xxx

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