Slimming success tips - add yours

Pudgy Panda

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:DJust wondering if we could share ours as they may help each other:

1. I have moved one of my fruit bowls into my living room, hubby and i munch on fruit when watching t.v

2. Friday nights i sit with laptop on minimins and make meal planner for the week - usually all your lovely food ideas

3. Fill bottles of water up in fridge with no added sugar dilute juice, easy to come and get one when needed

4. Once i get food shopping i stick DVD on laptop in kitchen and cut all fruit and veg up for the week

Cant think of anymore - add yours:D
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Great idea Panda! Here are my tips

1. I only eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm satisfied. I'm usually hungry for my next meal around the time of that meal anyway which is great. If I feel genuinely hungry between meals and I'm not yet ready for the next meal I'll have some fruit or yogurt. If I just feel munchy but not hungry I chew some sugar free gum.

2. I eat fresh food made from scratch, its more nourishing and so much more rewarding to cook. I also use "real" ingredients like sugar, honey, olive oil etc because besides loving them, I don't see myself using things like frylight and splenda for the rest of my life and I see this plan as a lifetime investment.

3. I ALWAYS pack a lunch to work. Keeping my lunches organised and planned is the key to my success I think. So I either have leftovers from dinner the night before or I make some soup on a sunday, divide into individual portions and have it for lunch during the week.

4. Tupperware is your friend!! When I started with SW I went to Lakeland and bought a whole bunch of plastic containers which I use to freeze sauces, soups, curries, casseroles etc. I bought different sizes for single and double portions. Reuseable Microwave Dishes - Lakeland, the home of creative kitchenware

5. I eat what I like not what I think I should or what sounds healthy. If I don't like certain foods I wouldn't eat it just because its, say, a superspeed food. I don't like a lot of white fish, I prefer oily fish and I like the darker meats in poultry! I don't particularly like mullerlights so I spend 2.5 syns on 2% greek yogurt with 2 tsp honey, much more preferable :D

Pudgy Panda

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S: 11st6lb C: 10st8lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 0st12lb(7.5%)
great ideas!

i have a cupboard full of lunch boxes and tupperware boxes, great for organising fruit and veg

Keep em coming!


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Great idea's everyone, thank you.

Mine is just simply plan your day carefully, and stay with it, it's worked for me so far - plus I always have a bag of raw carrot batons in the fridge for when I get the nibbles....


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Mine is being organised and always having my staples in (i.e. cottage cheese, parmesan, plain yoghurt, mug shots, sweetener, veg, fruit and eggs etc).

mrs lever

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I just plan, plan, plan and minimins - you guys are the best resource around


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Keep it new and interesting! When I get bored of eating the same stuff I am then reluctant to eat it and more likely to go off plan.

I plan my week every sunday and include lots of new recipes. This week 4 evening meals out of 5 is something I haven't tried before!!


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Mine is to read your books properly and fill in a food diary, it avoids any confusion about what it is I should be doing and what not to do :D:D

Knowledge is power.


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I don't deny myself of anything. If I fancy some chocolate, i'll find something that will satisfy my craving and stick within my syns. I never feel deprived and this keeps me motivated :D

Happy Holidays

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I've been doing SW for 11mths & still keep a food diary (my own word doc & not SW) and I keep an excel spreadsheet with the amount of syns I'm using.

I find this keeps me on track. I always make my own lunch to eat at work & snack on fruit. And most important I enjoy a glass of wine in the evening.:D


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what a fab thread!

my tips (although i still feel new 12 weeks in!) are as follows:

Plan everyday....make sure you have enough free food snacks for the day, so there is no concern of going off track.....mugshots, pot noodles in a mug, fruit and babybels! snack tastic!

I only shop online.....that way no terrible amounts of 'bad foods' accidently sneak in my trolley - often Krispy Kremes would appear in the trolley at Tesco and once i had 2 i was full, but there were still another 10!!!! (i blame the BF!)

Always have a treat of some sort when you hit a milestone, maybe its a new top when you hit a certain weight - or a manicure, or simply a nice day out somewhere! I have seen other people buy a charm bracelet and each milestone they get a new charm - i like that idea loads!

Dont give up - some weeks you lose half a pound and that it? but if you lost half a pound every week, thats like 26 lbs a year....which is nearly 2 stone....! so every pound counts! :D

Minimins is also fab - i get loads of ideas for meals and if im feeling the need to scoff, i just come on here and remind myself WHY i want to lose the weight!


Pudgy Panda

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great ideas - very inspiritional!


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As a newbie - there are some great ideas and tips in here! Thanks :)


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Only one from me, and it came from here. If you're hungry, but you don't want to eat free food, you're not actually hungry.


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1)Keep lots of fresh fruit close at hand to snack on

2)Make some veggie soup that can last you throughout the week and if you are feeling peckish have some of the soup.

3) I fill a 1 ltr jug with water and just make sure I get through at least 2 in a day.

4) This is one I do personally, but may not work for all. When I've been invited out for a meal at night, I normally just have some free foods throughout the day up until dinner time and then just decide when I get to the place if I'm having a red or green day based on what is being served.

5) Don't deprive yourself and use your syn allowance. I use my on Quavers/Sweets/Dressings.

6) Be organized and keep extrafood at hand just incase you can't be bothered to go out or get snowed in (as it happened 2 weeks ago).

7) I avoid weighing myself more than once a week.

8) Try new dishes so you don't get bored eating the same things.

9) Make mini goals for yourself and reward yourself when you meet them.

10) Check out Minimins frequently to get support and advise. You are great motivators and an inspiration!

Pudgy Panda

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great ideas - like the rewards for mini goals one - love it!!!!


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Loads of great tips on here already so only going to add 2:

1: Don't expect to lose week in and week out. We're only human and as well as our bodies being complex and confusing (at times) things, life also tends to throw the odd curve ball at us. But NEVER give up - it's worth every tear and leap of joy.

2: Look at your achievements through someone elses eyes. Even when we're doing well and losing weight we have bad days where we feel sad and low about ourselves. But others will look at us and think we look great and are beautiful regardless what we think. So on low days, don't reach for comfort food - just take a breath and carry on with a smile



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Don't rely on willpower alone- get clever and plan!

When writing my weekly food planner I always have a column for 'potential danger areas' for that day. I then have another column for 'what am I going to do about it'

So....potential danger may be popcorn at the cinema, solution is to take a 'treat' with me so I won't feel hard done by

I got my charm bracelet nearly 2 years ago now when I started, and I get a new charm every 7 lbs- it is pretty heavy and crowded now, but space for a few more


Wishing and hoping!
when I do mess up with my plan not seeing it as the end but one incident and I can get back straight on. This has an effect psychological and overall more stronger to stay with wanting to lose weight and not give up :)
also planning and making sure I have a pack up plan or things in the cupords for emergency munchies :)