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Slimming tablets!

Hello everyone,

I am really starting to get upset with my lack of weight loss, i seemed to have hit a wall and can't get past it. 2 weeks and i've had two sts and it's really upsetting me.

I have stuck to it to the book and i am getting to the point now where i think i dnt care!

Anyway been talking to someone and they are on some tablets i wont say which one's as they should not be able have them anyway i was tempted get some BUT i am going to go the doctors tomorrow. My BMI is overweight and i am feeling depressed now as its just getting me down.

What is a good diet pill? I dnt want be a druggie and i've never wanted to get to the doctors to just see what they say!

Has anyone else been to the doctors and got some? and if so did they work? x x
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The only slimming pill a doctor can prescribe is Xencial. These work by blocking the amount of fat absorbed by the body, you take in approx 1/3 less than you normally would. You have to eat foods with less than 5g of fat per 100g and no more than 15g of fat per meal other wise you can have oily stools and uncontrollable diarrhea. They're the same as Alli but twice the strength. Alli is 60mg and Xencial is 120mg.
The same thing happened to me. Two week of STS and I felt just like you.

Someone on here I think it was that Minxie one, suggested I do a week of fish. I did and it worked and my weight started to come off at a regular rate after that.

I thought I didn't like fish until I decided to do it but discovered that I really do. Especially salmon, smoked haddock and monk fish. Swordfish is like eating meat so is fresh tuna and of course my great standby was always tinned tuna in brine. There are so many lovely SW recipes.

Why not give it a try for a week before going down the tablet route.
If it's not prescribed by a doctor then it's just not worth risking your health. If they're available off the shelf in a chemist, then they're probably not very effective (let's face it, if it was as easy as taking some tablets to lose weight then we'd all be doing it).

Why not give yourself a week of changing your normal eating completely and trying new things on the sw plan - it might shake things up and get things moving again. I'd also suggest using the S.O.S log from your consultant, or from the SW website, as that can often help identify areas where we struggle.

It might also be worth remembering that just because your friend is taking slimming tablets, isn't necessarily the reason she's losing weight. She could be more active, eating less, drinking more water, exercising more - there are too many variables to compare yourself to other people!
If you are feeling down, the doctor will probably prescribe you exercise!!!! Natural endorphins and an increased metablolism may just kick start your weight loss again!

What plan are you doing? sometimes swapping from EE to Red/Green can also boost losses! x
The only thing I can suggest is to change what you have for your HEXs and syns, the little bit of variety might be enough to get you going again. Do you eat Scan Bran? There's something called the Scan Bran challenge where you use 5 of them for a HEXB every day and it's supposed to help. They're not the tastiest things in the world but they're full of fibre!
I'm pretty sure my GP told me that a person has to be over 40 bmi to be prescribed diet pills.

As someone who has suffered with eating disorders in the past & abused diet pills for a couple of years, let me tell you that it is absolutely 100% NOT worth it in the long run! I did myself some REAL damage using them & when I stopped taking them, I ended up putting more weight on!

The best thing to do is talk to your SW consultant (if you have one) & ask for their advice, chances are they've been through the same problem. Otherwise exercise may be the answer, even if you don't lose weight according to the scales, exercise will tone your body so you will lose inches for sure.

I hope you don't go the diet pill route. SW has so much to offer that pills never could. A pill won't help you to eat a healthy diet with balanced meals & I can bet that it won't make you all that much happier.
The side effects of Alli/Orlistat are very similar to the symptoms I have with terrible IBS - that's seriously not worth it!
I'm pretty sure my GP told me that a person has to be over 40 bmi to be prescribed diet pills.
That would probably depend on the criteria set by the Primary Care Trust, so could be different in different areas, same as the prescription of cancer drugs, SW vouchers and cosmetic work on the NHS, every area has different spending criteria.
Hi Shelley,

Like everyone else here, I really wouldn't advise taking pills.

Throughout the whole of November, I either STS or lost half a pound, and was getting very fed up and frustrated. But I kept at it and first week of Dec was rewarded with a loss of 4.5lbs!

Do you keep a food diary on here? If not, try to, and write down everything that passes your lips. Sometimes, there is only tiny little thing that could be causing the problem and like sugar and EB say above, sometimes mixing things up a bit really helps.

Are you having all your syns...my losses are so much better when I use my syn allowance.

Don't give up hun, SW does work, sometimes your body just does weird and wonderful things!

Hello everyone, i never went the doctors but someone told me to try green tea tablets from H&B they are not bad they are supposed to make ur skin and hair nice too so i might go get some of them and try them haha.

I do keep a food diary i started one on ere but then i gave up as i was writing it out twice & i kept forgetting! I dnt go meetings, i do go the gym 3 times a week including swimming and i run! So maybe i just dnt have a high metabolism i dnt know.. I am gonna go to the doctors tomoz as i made a appointment my mum said he would give me out & went mad at me but if anything maybe they could ref me to sum1..

My friends taking PHENTERMINE done some research on it and i aint going near it but it's just like aghhhhh i wanna lose 2 stone now its not fair! I'm just being impatient! I'm gonna go gym too now i'm feeling fed up again! haha x x


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Listen to Jennyonaplate - she is a wise woman! Her advice earlier in the thread was spot on. Stop looking for quick fixes be it green tea or potentially lethal pills.
Exercise, drinking plenty of water, varying your healthy extras and trying some new meals are all things which have helped me shift some extra lbs.
I got close to my target and couldnt lose anymore and kept staying the same, I have now lost 5lbs in 4 weeks which Is really good for me.
Keep at it hun, you can do it.

I wouldnt recommend any diet pills, they can have some nasty side effects from what I have heard.
Could you not post your food diaries as I'm quite surprised at someone who goes to gym 3 times a week, runs & swims STS for consecutive weeks!

I'd definitely go down the doctor routes but for thyroid testing as opposed to any "wonder pills".

Can't you replicate earlier weeks when you had losses - see if this kick-starts things?

Hello everyone,

Well im so glad i went to the doctors as they are looking into my blood and stuff as i have honestly stuck to the plan like to the book and it's just stopped. The doctor was lovely and i told her i did not wanna get diet pills from anywhere as i dnt want die or get really ill. Plus i have tried so hard to do this correct and it is working just it's stopped. It did do this when i did ww 2 years ago and it went up my weight not down. So im being tested for diabetes as it is in my family so im glad that came out of it. She did give me some tablets Xencial anyway she said in a month to go back and if i don't lose 5% within 12 weeks they would look into alternative measures! I even showed her my food diary and everything. Anyway it has mixed reviews this tablet more with the bowels so i am gonna see what happens!

Thank's everyone for ur messages and i was not daft i did do it the correct way and i can only hope if the pills dnt work i will be able find out why i aint losing out much anymore! Just hope i aint got diabetes scary! Will keep u posted x
i would personally give the diet one more week before starting on pills.

Just my view - one more week and then go on them cos then at least you have given SW one more chance xxx
Staying the same fpr 2 weeks really isn't that long. Like Ellebear says, give the diet another week before you start on the tablets. Even though they are doctor prescribed, the side effects are nasty (oil leaking from your bottom etc).

You should look at your weight loss over a month, rather than a week to week basis.

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