slimming tea


Hi everyone,so I ordered slimming tea from ebay, its chinese wing ku or something, and been SSing last 3 days and a week of add a meal, I lost nearly 9lbs in 9 days. I been nibelling and picking all these days aswell but nothing too major, Wonder if the slimming tea is helping in the good weight loss lol...But yeah I am very pleased to be back in control because i was totally going out of it and nearly put on a whoping 10lbs.
feel free to join me people, it would be great to keep each other motivated,
I bought some too (but followed a google adlink on here) - effectively it is green tea with camomile or something I believe). I'm doubt very much it will do anything to help me slim BUT it has some very good antioxidents and is supposed to be good at keeping cancer at bay.

I am trying to introduce "superfoods" into my diets - those that are brilliantly high in vitamins and minerals and have been doing a lot of reading about them - thinks like oily fish, mushrooms, green tea, peanuts (would you believe). I'm only going to introduce these as I can within the confines of what I can eat using the LL Management programme I am on but as I can add the foods I am doing.

Be careful though - some of the diet teas contain flowers and that can knock you out of ketosis!
I believe Camomile is disallowed on the CD.
I jus bought some green tea! Havnt tried it yet!

Hope its nice!