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Slimming world 14 week countdown to the sun

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by derwen25, 16 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. derwen25

    derwen25 Active Member

    Well I finally decided to give Slimming World a go. I lost weight 4 years ago for a wedding using weight watchers online, but once the wedding came and went the weight came back. Since then I've halfheartedly lost and gained 7lbs. But I've 3 children so want to do this for them as well as me. We have a holiday booked for 3 weeks in 14 weeks time, so the time has come to do something about it. I am doing slimming world online so not attending a group, so am hoping by blogging my weeks here it will keep me on track. (Knowing other people can see it!) :ashamed0005:

    I started online last Monday (7th April) and lost 7lb in my 1st week. I couldn't believe I could loose that while eating so much!! :D
    (One of the reasons I'd not tried slimming world before - as I could never understand how you could loose weight while eating - a diet to me was cutting down on everything, not enjoying lovely meals!)

    Well I am really enjoying this and getting back to cooking. It may take longer but I don't think I've took anything out of the freezer apart from veg!

    Start weight: 13st 9lb
    Week 1: 13st 2lb
    Last edited: 16 April 2014
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  3. derwen25

    derwen25 Active Member

    Well feel a bit deflated today. Always dread school holidays as husband is off too. Def feel like I have overeaten the past few days and know I'm not going to have a loss on Monday like I had my 1st WI. Scales just don't seem to be shifting :confused:. I'm thinking of doing red and green days instead of extra easy. Does anyone have a preference to the days they do?
  4. derwen25

    derwen25 Active Member

    I've decided I will do a mix so today is red.
    My menu for today is

    Breakfast: 2 Weetabix (Hex b) 350ml Skimmed Milk (Hex a)
    Lunch: Salad (lettuce, cucumber, pepper, beetroot) Ham
    Mullerlight and raspberries
    Tea: Chicken breast, roasted butternut squash, broccoli, carrots, (Hex b) 200g new potatoes
    Syns: Quixo gravy 100ml - 1.5 syn
    2 x yorkshire puds - 5 syns
  5. derwen25

    derwen25 Active Member

    If anyone reads this please feel free to tell me if I've gone wrong anywhere. Still abit confused being new :confused:
  6. Target_Rose

    Target_Rose Well-Known Member

    Looks good to me, 7 lbs is great for your first week! I find red and green works best for me and rarely have a extra easy day as I'm used to the two healthy extras now. X
  7. derwen25

    derwen25 Active Member

    Thanks Rosierose123 :)

    I think red and green may be the way forward. Having 2 HEXa and B seems much better. Fingers crossed for Monday - Although am going to Disneyland Paris and Paris with the kidstill Fri so hoping all the walking will burn off some calories.
  8. derwen25

    derwen25 Active Member

    Well I didnt get chance to weigh myself Monday as have been in Disney & Paris with the family. Will be home tonight so dreading weighing when I get home. Hoping all the walking will have burnt off the calories :(
  9. derwen25

    derwen25 Active Member

    After arriving home and weighing I was just 0.5lb on. Am really happy with that after eating rubbish in Disney all week. Back to it now :)
  10. derwen25

    derwen25 Active Member

    well after this morns weigh in I was 3lb on :( nothing I wasnt expecting after eating rubbish at the weekend. Back on it today and eaten well.

    Breakfast: 2 weetabix (hexb)
    350ml skimmed milk (hexa)

    Lunch : Super pasta n sauce( made with rest of milk) free
    salad & Aldi fat free greek strawberry yog

    Tea: Syn free Chicken tikka Massala ( fat free natural yog, Tikka spice mix, Chicken breast, Tinned toms, Mushrooms and onions)
    Syn Free Chips
    Aldi fat free lemon greek yog
    Syns: 2 Meringue nests - 5
  11. derwen25

    derwen25 Active Member

    4.5lb off this week! :)
  12. Crafty Girl

    Crafty Girl Well-Known Member

    Well done
  13. derwen25

    derwen25 Active Member

    Hmmn having an up and down week!! Mixture of stress, hormones, lack of sleep and laziness mean I have not stuck to plan 100%, but I know I can do this so am planning 100% over the weekend :)
  14. derwen25

    derwen25 Active Member

    Don't seem to be doing well at all. I haven't put weight on but don't seem to be loosing either. My 14week countdown is now just 6weeks :cry:
    I think I may try success express? Last night I gave in and ate pizza and some wine. Then some biscuits :sign0007: It was late and really should have just ate tea the same time as the kids.

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