Slimming World friendly PIZZA!!!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World Recipes' started by bugsbunny2000, 19 August 2011.

  1. bugsbunny2000

    bugsbunny2000 Proud to be a LOSER :)

    Okay - I know this is actually quite an old recipe, but it's totally made my week so feel the need to share it :)

    Okay so for this "recipe" you will need:

    1 Asda Wholemeal Pitta Bread
    2 tbsp tomato puree (1 syn) OR passate (free!)
    Light Mozzarella Cheese
    toppings of your choice: I went with red pepper!

    Put in the oven and voila - a SW-friendly family meal - throw in some homemade spicy wedges and you have yourself a dinner!

    Made this the other day for dinner with my boyfriend. He went with a classic pepperoni topping - i was jealous - but kept reminding myself that while i eat my pepper-topping i am losing weight!

    Can be used on an EE day, in which case feel free to throw on some diced ham/bacon/chicken topping mmm. Or keep it simple on a Green Day with veg!

    Will definitely be making these again!!! Puts that syn-filled slice of mini pizza i had tuesday to shame!!!

  2. yllw355

    yllw355 Well-Known Member

    is the pitta bread syn
  3. PatchworkPuss

    PatchworkPuss Well-Known Member

    The asda pitta bread can be used as a HEB
  4. yllw355

    yllw355 Well-Known Member

    thank you, i will be trying this :)
  5. Queen Bizzle

    Queen Bizzle Well-Known Member

    I know this is an old thread but thank you guys!!!!

    I tried these at the weekend and they were amazing!!! Even my boyfriend loved them! :D

    If you haven't already tried them and missing pizza I would recommend :)

    I topped mine with sainsburys chinese chicked breast slices, chopped cherry tomatoes and red onion. Honestly the nicest diet food I've had so far :)
  6. Skulldilocks

    Skulldilocks Well-Known Member

    Definitely going to make this like all the time! I saw it on another forum, and as a massive pizza lover this is going to do the trick. Can make some yummy home made potato wedges to go with it, so excited :p
  7. Dukesy

    Dukesy Well-Known Member

    Sounds YUM
  8. sarah mann

    sarah mann Member

    Ohh sounds tasty. How many syns is the whole thing xx
  9. Queen Bizzle

    Queen Bizzle Well-Known Member

    I think if you save your healthy extras for the pitta bread and cheese then its completely free :)

    You have to use the wholemeal pittas, and I think only the co op ones are free as a HEB.

    I think some people use passata for the base, i've been using tomato puree and synning it just as it's all I had in the cupboard. xx
  10. Skulldilocks

    Skulldilocks Well-Known Member

    Yeah apparently Co op and Asda wholemeal pittas are the only ones that are HEB :)
  11. Queen Bizzle

    Queen Bizzle Well-Known Member

    Oh I read somewhere that the asda ones had been discontinued :/ I dont have an asda though I didn't pay that much attention, I could be wrong ;) xx
  12. xsuex

    xsuex New Member

    :D sounds fabulous thanks
  13. Skulldilocks

    Skulldilocks Well-Known Member

    Oh no! I hope they havent I did a "practise" online shop on there yest and found some wholemeal pittas but is there a special type to buy? D:
  14. Entropy

    Entropy x Katie x

    In the new book tomato puree is free!
  15. Queen Bizzle

    Queen Bizzle Well-Known Member

    AMAZING!!! I won't count it then!! :D xx
  16. juejon

    juejon Well-Known Member

    garlic bread to go with pizza ?

    Toast a wholemeal pitta (healthy b) when it has warmed slice the pocket in half lenghtways, then cut in half width ways so you have 4 slices, rub with garlic and spray with frylight i also sprinkle on a spice mix but you can add any free flavours that you like, then grill until crispy
  17. Queen Bizzle

    Queen Bizzle Well-Known Member

    Amazing idea!!! Planning to have spag bol at the weekend, this will be perfect :) YUM xx
  18. CryLittleSister

    CryLittleSister Da Boss

    You can use smash as a pizza base!
  19. CryLittleSister

    CryLittleSister Da Boss

    And thats free..

    Why isn't tescos wholemeal pitta free? It says 60grs of any wholemeal bread..?
  20. WelshJojo

    WelshJojo Well-Known Member

    No bread is free tho. 60g of wholemeal bread can be used as a HEb, but as discussed on many threads previously, only co-op and asda wholemeal pittas qualify due to the contents-most have oil in I believe

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