Slimming World Pizza Dough


I'm new to slimming world and I've found the recipe for the pizza dough in one of the books. I want to treat myself to one of my favourite foods (pizza) after weigh in next Thursday and instead of buying one I'd like to make one as it'll be much more friendly to the diet.

I just want to know if the dough can be made the night before? I go to weigh-in straight from work and won't get home until 7pm so if I make the dough in advance it'll be much easier.
I work in a pizza shop and yes the dough will be grand left over night just cover or wrap in cling film so it does not go crusty on outside
Are you talking about the syn-free cauliflower pizza dough?
I have seen a slimming world pizza dough recipe on it states its a HEXB im not 100% sure but its 500g bread mix and water, I think 500g bread mix is a large about of syns but this was halved then halved again here is the link to have a look but I would be interested to know if its 100% right
I have had this last week and luckily i have lost 5lb but its not something I want to do again if its very high in syns and not a HEXB.
I think it's right but we can only have 60g bread mix not the whole 500 lol but you would still get a good base from 60g :)