Slimming World - Loving it!!


biker babe!
i am about to throw this computer out of the window as i have typed the following message three times already only for my computer to go doo lally when i try and post it! ARGHHHHHH!
I started the Cambridge Diet in Jan of this year. I struggled, moaned, threw my toys out of the pram on numerous occasions and finally lost just over 4 stone (then put half back on!) before i knew that i had had enough. Ive still got about 4 stone to lose, but im tryong something different now.
And so, i joined Slimming World last Wednesday and everything is really good so far. Im eating well (not too much!!) and above all im happy again!!
So, if anyone wants to say hello, or you have some good SW advice or recipes.....come on down!!

Bye for now!! xxx
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Go to the ticker factory and up date your details and copy the BBcode and come back over to MiniMins click user cp, click edit signature.

Love Mini xxx
Hi Keelie,

Welcome to MiniMins and to the Slimming World Forum:D

As I said already to you it is great that you are doing SW as so many of us would love to know about it here in Ireland.

WE have WW and I think it was a SW class I once went to in Galway many moons ago...but honestly don't remember if it was for sure SW.

Never saw it about since...but have bought their magazine on and off and it sounds very good but does not really explain how it works.

I am fascinated by the green days and red days...and eat all you want and still lose weight.

Will be reading your posts now to find out more and I hope others come on this forum and add their twopence worth.

You can copy and paste photos from your photo box or flickr or any of them on line photo storage companies.

Talk soon.

Love Mini xxx
Kassileigh said:
Hi Ya!
I'm doing SW too-lost 3.5 lbs in my first week :D and so far, .5 this week (but it was TOTM so hopefully more!) I'm really enjoying it after NOT eating and feel more in control then ever before.
How do we change our Ticker tape thing?:eek:
Kassi x

Hi Kassi,

If you have any bother get back to me, okay.

Congrats' on your weight loss of 4 lbs. with I was just saying to Keelie, we could do with more people telling their experience of SW for we don't know too much about it.

While I myself feel a vlcd is the way to go for losing mega weight quickly and giving incentive to those like myself who felt over whelmed with so much excess.

I feel we can also learn a lot from WW and SW and any of the other clubs that are out is all about education and finding out what works as I believe no one diet fits all.

Love Mini xxx
By the way girls, there is a little spell check on the right hand side called abc with a correct arrow.

If you click that and follow the instruction it will down load it for you, I find it comes in handy as I can't spell for nuts'.:eek:

I am not saying you might need it or anything like that LOL!

Also the preview is handy for reading your post before you post...just wee things like that I love playing with.

Love Mini xxx
Hey Mini and Kassileigh!
Nice to see some familiar names.
Right Mini, i will TRY and explaing to you how slimming world works. ( and i hope my comp doesnt lose my message this time)
Basically you have Original and Green days. Its up to you which day you do but you have to stick to it for all of that day.
I do green days as im a veggie, so i can explain this one well (i hope)
There are foods called 'Free Foods'. these are foods which you can basically eat until they come out of your ears.
On a green day this includes pasta, potatoes, all veg, salad and fruits, quorn.
on an Original this inclides most meats, most veg, salad, and most fruits and quorn.Potatoes and pasta are not free on Original days.

there are other free foods available on both days such as baked beans, eggs, very low fat yogurt, the list is as long as my arm.

you also have to add 'healthy extras'. you can choise either 1 or 2 a's and 2 b's

a's include cheese, milk

b's include, crispbreads, cereals, breads etc.

these are measured to see that you dont get too much or too little for what your body needs.

you also have 'syns' (ha ha!)
you can use between 5 and 15 a day ( or a few more on a special occasion)
use these for sauces, biscuits, jam, sugar...again the list is endless. every type of 'syn food' has a syn value.

so, eat your free food, add your a's and b's and a few syns....and you will never be hungry again! AND IT WORKS!!!!

hope this helps to those who want to know a little more.....and sorry if i have gor anything wrong!
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appaling spelling! wish i had seen the spell checker earlier!
apalling? OMG REALLY cant spell
Lol at the spelling (thank God for spellcheck!) Really good to see people succeeding using Slimming World - keep it up! :cool: :D
Keeliewheeliebin said:
appalling spelling! wish i had seen the spell checker earlier!

You can edit your own posts and use the spell checker on it if you like.:)
you also have 'syns' (ha ha!)
you can use between 5 and 15 a day ( or a few more on a special occasion)

use these for sauces, biscuits, jam, sugar...again the list is endless. every type of 'syn food' has a sin value

when you say 5 and 15 a that like 5 mars bars, 15 biscuits....or does it refer to a portion size?:rolleyes:
Mini. I think it works out about 20 calories a syn, so 5 syns would be an extra 100 calories.
Have you tried the Mix-to-Max or Success Express?
I've been doing S/E this week and it's GREAT!
Mini-If you want, I have my S/W books from the last time I did it and you could have them? I could send them to you. I agree about VLCD, I lost nearly 4 stone and would never have stuck to another diet with such brilliant results-now that I want to eat again, and learn how to live 'normally' I'm loving it! When I first came off CD, I ate like a tw@t and put a stone back on, and kept going back on it for a week or 2...then I realized, I would HAVE to learn how to eat properly or it would just go on and on forever...
Hi Mini

I was wondering if we could have a calorie counters forum/thread? Just would be nice to all meet in the same place, assuming I am not the only one doing it!
I thought the same. It would be great:cool:
Karion Dieting said:
Mini. I think it works out about 20 calories a syn, so 5 syns would be an extra 100 calories.

The big eye was getting excited about 15/20 syns...100 calories is about two medium size apples:(

I would love to try it when at goal....would not trust myself with the all you can eat day...don't think they have come across a stretchy stomach like is elastic...

Love Mini xxx
Would that be for all diets...? Can you give me more of your idea what you are thinking...:)

Love Mini xxx
Hello SW lovelies, Miss Bin and Kassi!
So glad it's working for you two! I've done SW loads of times and it is a really good diet!