Slimming World newbie - losing for the wedding day


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I have just joined SW, so very excited to get started and see how it all goes. I have done it before 2 years ago and lost 2 and a half stone. I have slowly put a stone of that weight back on, and now have the motivation of wanting to lose weight before my wedding day!

I am getting married August 2018!

My overall target is 3 stone 8.5 pounds, however will be happy if I have lost 2 stone 8.5 pounds by the wedding (and will carry on after). So that's 10 months to do it in!

CW 13.8.5
Height 5ft2
Thanks Jenny_b. Wow you have done well with your 25lbs lost! Congrats. Gives me hope if you did SW

So I had a great weekend of no alcohol, and staying on plan. I have stayed on plan for 7 full days and today is Weigh In day at 7.30pm.

However, I am slightly worried I won't reach my first week target of 5 lbs. Mainly because it is TOTM and I am due today/tomorrow and feel really bloated, and always put on about 2 lbs (water retention) during this time. I think it may be 3 or 4 lbs lost today on the scales.

I know I should still be happy with that, if that is the case, but it is just that the first week you lose a lot more. I suppose if it is the case because of TOTM, I should lose more next week.

Fingers crossed!
So my first weigh in completed and I lost 4lbs. I'm obviously happy with that! Wanted 5 for my first week but with it being *week and also had trouble going to the toilet this week (sorry TMI) it is definitely a good start.

Set myself a target of 2lbs for the next week.

Have a slightly tricky one on Saturday as it is my SIL 40th bday dinner and we pre-ordered food ages ago. I'm going to stick to plan the rest of the time and not drink as much as normally would and do some extra exercise and hopefully won't make too much difference.

Oh and me and my friend signed up to do the Moonwalk Marathon next May this week, 26.2 miles power walking over night. Gives me good motivation to train and keep the fitness up.
That's a great loss, well done :D

Moonwalk marathon sounds like a great thing to aim for although I feel tired just thinking about walking that distance!
great loss, well done.

whenever I have a special occasion, I tend to save syns everyday so I know I'm still within limits, its nice to have a few drinks when you're out too. have a great time.

good luck for next weigh in, 2lbs is achievable :)

x x

Thank you.

Yeah I think I have to save them up this week and not feel so guilty at the weekend. I think 2lbs is definitely achievable so fingers crossed!
So the week is going well so far. Does any one find that if they have pasta in the evening it makes them bloat/gain the next day on the scales? I know I shouldn't weigh myself each morning as it never gives an accurate relection. However, I had a bowl of wholemeal pasta with tuna and veg last night, and felt so bloated all evening and had put on a 1lb this morning. Thinking of doing light carbs for dinner.
I try not to weigh myself at home so I don't know what happens weight wise but if I have pasta I always have at least half a plate of salad with it now as less pasta and more salad helps stop the icky bloated feeling but still fills me up
I try not to weigh myself at home so I don't know what happens weight wise but if I have pasta I always have at least half a plate of salad with it now as less pasta and more salad helps stop the icky bloated feeling but still fills me up

That makes sense, I will try to do 50/50 like you say. I think I also need to get my head round the eating so many carbs and it being okay! I had a jacket potato for lunch with beans and low fat cottage cheese and a big salad. Felt like I had cheated on my diet!
Did a 5 mile walk after work today, So feeling pretty good to get some exercise in. Hoping the walks help the weight loss and counteract the meal on Saturday at the bday party.

Had salmon and veg for tea and no big carbs so I don't feel so bloated before bed again.
Hey! How's this week going for you? :)
Hey! How's this week going for you? :)

It is going well thank you. Have done 2 long walks and stayed on plan. Hardly had any syns this week as have the bday meal tomorrow for my SIL which is not going to be healthy and don't have much choice! Just praying one meal doesn't throw things out of whack.

Weighed myself this morning and have lost 3 pounds so hopefully will still be a 2 pound loss this week.
So yesterday at the party I had 3 courses of food that wasn't slinming world. Was pre ordered ages ago so couldnt change my choices. I also drank a few glasses of prosecco and lots of vodka and diet cokes. Something I could have chosen not to do, but my willpower was out the window.

Trying not to beat myself up today and back on plan today. Praying a week of lots of exercise and being really good means that I haven't totally blown it for tomorrow's weigh in.

Fingers crossed!
So I weighed myself this morning. This evening is weigh in day. I am 3 pounds heavier than Friday morning. So my one bad meal and vodka and diet Coke's at the party have undone my week of really good eating and exercise. I am feeling really down.

It goes to show that you absolutely can not afford to have one bad day as it will cancel out a whole week of healthy eating, however good you are. The meal on Saturday was out of my control as it was pre ordered food and I couldn't avoid it as it was family celebration.

For the next few months I think I am going to have to stick 100% on plan and drink very very little.

Feeling pretty miserable on a Monday morning and dreading weigh in this evening.
Weigh in done and lost 1.5lbs. So although it isn't exactly what I wanted it is still a loss. I also worked out that if I did 1.5lbs every week I will be a total of 16lbs lost for xmas which would feel amazing.

Target of 1.5lbs this week and I'll get my half a stone award. Have a girls weekend this week, staying over at a friends. I have kindly asked her if I can bring some of my own food, rather than her having to cook me something slimming world. Will feel a lot better being on control of food this week.
Had a good start to the week, also did a 5.5 mile walk yesterday evening as well. Plan to do another walk this evening. Weighed myself this morning on bathroom scales and was 13.1.8 so have lost weight since WI day. Although, I know it is dangerous to weigh every day so trying to refrain from doing so and just do it 2/3 times a week max.

Diary for yesterday

Breakfast: Raspberries and Muller Light
Lunch: Salad, prawns, hard boiled eggs (no dressing)
Snacks: 3 x Babybel lights (HEA)
Dinner: Stir fried veg, Tuna steak, soy sauce
Snacks: HiFi carrot cake bar (HEB) and 16g pack of quavers (4.5 syns)

Ended day on 4.5 syns, do you think I need to up the syn intake? I don't really need them in the week, and prefer to save a few for a couple of vodkas at the weekend with my friends. Not sure if flexi syns actually work though?