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I have recently wasted £60 on joining slimming world online, when i was able to log on, i had a look at the website and could see NOTHING of any use that you cant get on this site and other sites. I immediately emailed saying i wanted to cancel my membership and get my money back, but havent received a reply, and this was a week ago now, and when i looked further into the 7 day change your mind, they have you good! If you make up your profile, this cancels your right to cancel your membership, yet the screen immediately takes you to build your profile. Arrghh so annoyed! I have since bought 2 books off there, but they have turned out to be very expensive books!
It this seems alot more useful, so im back again, hopefuly to lose a stone on the EE plan.
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Oh dear I think the online membership is a waste of money like you said you can get all the support you need on here.
A class is the best option you get all the support you need :)


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What did you want but couldn't get?
Don't you get access to the syns online, healthy extras, recipes, food diaries etc? As well as a weekly weigh in prompt.

SW online can be very successful, it should give you all you need if you can't get to group.

Did you get access to the full site? I only suggest this as if you go on the SW website you don't see as much as if you log on as a group member.


I guess I was expecting more for the money. Although what I'm not sure!
I can't get on with the food diary, can't see a way of adding other things in. I keep going back to see if I've missed something, but I'm still disappointed. But I'm a member now til march so better make the most of it!, I think I get more from this forum.


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It is a bit obscure i find, you just get your diary and nothing is really explained... you really have to root around to find the info on what is free, and how healthy extras work etc.

I would definitely advise anyone to join a class even once to get the books as they are a lot clearer set out..

but the internet service is great because it keeps you up to date on the new HE's and all of the syns etc.


I think that's it exactly Hannata! It's all over the place, I thought it would be so simple like going to a group in your own house.


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The website is a car crash and the online deal a rip-off. Harsh but true. I would not recommend it.

I am still an online member but wont be renewing, its appalling. Its the same price as going to group but with absolutely zero advice, support etc and you dont even get a hard copy of the book unless you buy platinum membership. Avoid.

I also agree about the 7-day money back thing, as soon as you've filled in your details there no going back. Theres also no terms & conditions given to you unless you ask for them or for where to find them. Its a total con.


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I joined SW online a while back, because there were no groups locally that opened at a time to suit me. When I did find a suitable class, which had recently opened, I emailed SW online and they terminated my membership but sent me SW vouchers to the value of my remaining membership that I could use to join the class.