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Slimming World or Low Fat with Xenical


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Either is going to work well alongside Xenical so it just comes down to personal preference. I do low fat and keep a vague eye on my calories via My Fitness Pal. Up to you to decide, good luck!

KB x


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Thanks. How many cals do you roughly have KB. We are the same height. thanks
Hi Dawney,
My doc said to count cals and he said to have roughly 1200 a day, which I've done before, can be hard at times though.

I had 1294 yesterday.


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Hi Dawney,

I just count the fat I eat, I haven't counted calories at all!
I average about 10g of fat a day which I know is low but am eating plenty of food for the 10g of fat.

I have my 1st official monthly weigh in at Dr's on Tuesday so will see how I've been doing but by my scales it's about 1 stone off :D

My Dr suggested I did the Rosemary conley plan as her plan follows the same rules as xenical needs. However I just found my own way with the diet and eat whatever I fancy (within reason) but as low fat as possible. Good luck deciding which plan suits you best. xxx



gunna be a fatty for ever
hello and welcome to minis!

I do SW and love it! However when I first started I counted calories on www.myfitnesspal.co.uk its lots cheaper than doing sw and it tells you the fat content of everything! It also works out how many cals your body needs depending on your heigh weight etc so its worth having a go at that if your confused!

hope it helps!

love katie
Sorry, Dawney, I've just seen this. My Fitness Pal gives me 1270 calories a day, more if I exercise. Hope that helps.

KB x
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Just wanted to say thanks for all your replies. I think this forum is great. Everyone is so helpful. Thanks again and good luck everyone. x


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How are you finding SW and Xenical together? I have lost 28 1/2lbs with SW alone and started Xenical on 5th May - I have lost 2 1/2 lbs since then :confused: on SW & Xenical.

I feel that my body is taking time to adjust and will stick with it but do wonder if SW needs adapted to fit. You seem to have done well so any thoughts gratefully accepted.


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Hi Jilly. Since taking xenical alongside SW I dont appear to be losing weight any quicker than when doing just SW. I do think it helps on days when you could go off the rails a bit it keeps me on track. You are doing really well, hang in there. I bet you will find that you have a big loss soon.

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