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Slimming World vs Dukan?

Hello everyone

I have just joined the site and am planning on starting my diet after the weekend.

I have about 5.5 stone to lose and have tried several diets over the years, usually unsuccessfully. Everytime I fail, I put a little more weight back on and so I am now the heaviest I have ever been. I have done a little SW before and lost about 10lbs but didnt really "get into it".

I want to lose a couple of stone by end of June in an ideal world, and I would certainly like to be 3 or more stone lighter by Sept. Is this possible on these diets?

Having researched both diets somehwat extensively, my question to you all is this- has anyone experienced both SW and Dukan and could you please advise me on which is "better" - in other words, does one yield greater or faster weight loss and which one is most sustainable i.e which one would you be less likely to fall off the wagon on? I suspect SW for that particular issue but nothing beats real experience from people who have tried them.

Many thanks for your patience in reading this post and for any help which you may give me . :)
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Hi, I don't know much about slimming world except that my dad has done both slimming world and dukan and has maintained his weight loss on dukan. He put everything back on after slimming world. Not sure which one is quicker. If you are an adventurous eater and an experimental cook then dukan is good for that but I can't really say anything about slimming world as I have no first hand experience of it.

Not sure if that was helpful, it sounded a lot better in my head lol xx
thanks emms- it was helpful. my understanding of dukan is that it is pretty much just meat all the time (i hate eggs) and although I would expect to lose weight on it, I think that such a restrictive diet would have me failing in no time, as I am a pure carb queen. I think Slimming World would be easier to manage, as there are so many more choices, but I think that the much more relaxed approach of that diet will also lead me to mess it up because I need the discipline. argh!


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i would recommend you read the book if possible. it's only £5 on amazon, and will give you a better understanding of the diet and the science behind it. if you decide it's not for you you wont' have spent much and can give it away/sell it on.

dukan will give you faster results than slimming world in my opinion, and there are elements of dukan that can feel like you're replacing the carbs you're used to as you're required to include oat bran which can be made into bread, cakes muffins etc.

the diet is not restricted to meat. I don't like eggs in egg format, but am going through a lot of them on dukan using them in different ways. you're also allowed fish, fat free dairy and once you're in cruise vegetables too. Most people find that once they're a week or so in the rapid results are all the motivation they need to continue and feel brighter and healthier with it.

the key to doing well on dukan is preparation, and part of that preparation is absolutely reading the book. if you're in a real hurry you could even buy the kindle edition and read it on your computer.

the main difference and reason i think for the difference in speed of loss is that diets like slimming world allow a certain amount of 'cheating' whereas dukan is all or nothing, which sounds hard but to be successful on a diet you need restrictions and rules to follow which are absolute. the rules that dukan has set really work, and the results prove it.

looking forward to hearing what you decide to do.
Ive done slimming world lost 2 stone after 1st pregnancy but found coz your allowed naughty things as syns that I cheated to get more so dukan better for me as it eliminates this issue
I have done both and I did lose weight on SW about 21lb but I didn't keep it off and put it all back + an extra stone. I much prefer dukan as there are no extras and you are clear on what you can and can't have . I think I needed to cut the carbs rather than have them on certain days to get right away from relying on them being the bulk of my diet. I also feel much better in myself. I'm still on my journey so can't speak about how easy it is to keep the weight off but it's a definite " thumbs up" from me so far


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Emma's post was absolutely spot-on. I would definitely recommend reading the book and would absolutely recommend this diet. I have found it very easy to follow without lapse and here's why:
  • The attack phase is a bit restrictive, but the results are amazing! You don't care... and if you make it past the first couple of days, the cravings disappear (seriously)
  • The alternating rhythm of the plan lends itself to keeping you out of a rut. I do a 1/1 pattern (1 pure protein day and 1 protein/veg day) and that actually manages the keep it interesting
  • If you are creative, it really isn't restrictive - I don't feel like I'm missing anything and I've NEVER gone this long without cheese (total cheese-aholic, so I thought! ;)).
  • It does what it says on the tin... lose weight quick fast in Attack, slow down for a bit when move to Vegs in Cruise, and then it picks up again.
  • The best part about this diet is the long-term commitment and plan to keep the pounds off! Its manageable (you don't give up carbs for life) and its totally transitional... you work your way there slowly while having the major weight loss up front.
Its this final point that hooked me - I lost over a 100lbs about 11 years ago (no specific diet - just smaller portions, more proteins, exercise, no sugar, alcohol, etc.) and I've managed to keep it off this whole time. My biggest fear in ever starting a diet was repeating my teens and 20's - yoyo dieting when I lost 30lbs only to gain 40lbs back. This is the absolute FIRST diet I have committed to since I settled in this weight 11 years ago and it was his plan to keep it off that hooked me.

Not sure how that compares to SW (we didn't have that in US), but I can say that I'm only 12 days on this diet and would easily recommend it and have total faith in my success on it.

Good luck to you whichever route you take Miss Heart! ;)
Thank you all for some really useful advice- I will buy the book today and decide over the weekend what to do. I had originally wondered whether it would be a good idea to do the attack phase which is supposed to be six days for me, and then switch to red days on slimming world. which are mainly meat and fish based with very few carbs, but I suspect that the weightI would lose during attack would instantly go on again!
Have decided to try it!

Bought the ebook and am starting Dukan today! Wish me luck- I hope I achieve the success that you all have -this forum really is inspirational and I don't feel like I'm embarking on this diet on my own because I know you're all here too!:)


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Good luck, Senorita! This diet is incredible - can't compare with others because I've never been on others, but all I can say is that I've lost 6 pounds, as of today (8th day in) with hardly a hunger pang.

And this forum is brilliant - it's enough knowing you're not the only one, but to get all the support too is invaluable.

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