Slinking back in the door!!!


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Im back - again!!!! I have 23 weeks until my brother’s wedding at which I am bridesmaid. I am aiming for 2-3lb loss each week. Will be exercising loads and sticking to the plan 100% this time. I have told my family, friends and boyfriend what I am expecting and don’t want any of them to sabotage my plan! Im so determined not to be a fat bridesmaid!!! I even walked up the 69 steps to my office this morning when I would usually take the lift!!! :eek:
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lol. i liked your title..... i wasnt here when you must have been here before but welcome back and good luck with the plan .. thankfully have done all my duties as bridesmaids that i am ever going to do ( have done 3. doesnt that mean i am never going to be a bride?! yikes!) and any future ones I will refuse cause i fliping hate it lol.. but the last one i did i was the fattie.. actually ALL of them that I have done, i have been the 'big' one its awful.. on a day that you shoul really be enjoying, you just spend being super consious.. so REALLY BIG LUCK for you :) .... now need to go and investigate this never a bride thing after 3 x bridesmaid ... im gonna be well peed off if I am never gonna get to be the skinny but with curves bride in white!!

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Welcome back and good luck x

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You slink away Hun!!!
I've been really naughty over the Christmas...actually since 16th November if Im honest and gained 16lbs...but back on track today and rearing to go!

Good luck!



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S: 112.94kg C: 112.94kg G: 76.2kg BMI: 44.1 Loss: 0kg(0%)
Im his only sister so guess they felt obligated!!! Only thing is it is giving me the momentum and kick up the backside that I needed. When I was here before I had ages (i thought) before the wedding!!! It was only when we were talking about it the other day that he said it was in 23 weeks I realised i needed to do something serious about it!


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Good Luck Sallyanne
Plently of time to make a big difference before the wedding.
Stick with it!