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Slip sliding away ............

Hi all! I've not been on for a few days cos its all being going wrong this week unfortunately! :sigh: I've had a few problems at home (again) and its resulted in me not actually falling off the wagon but just sort of hanging onto the tailgate for dear life!!! I've started out well every morning but have gradually worked my way through my points by eating rubbish so that I have nothing left for my evening meal. I've not gone over my points to any degree but I've been absolutely starving and unable to do anything about it without blowing my day. I've now got it into my head that if I go back to having my evening meal, I'll weigh heavier in the mornings when I get on the scales at group!!!! I know its mad and I know I'm being ridiculous but I'm terrified that my focus is sliding away and that this is going to end up as just another failure amongst many. Just to add to the pressure, I've just shelled out £295 joining a gym to help me conquer this damned weight problem! Can someone please give me a kick up the arse/good talking to/punch in the gob to help me to pull myself together and to stop being pathetic? I NEED to do this before I drop down dead 20 years too early! Yours desperately, Wannabee xxxxxxxx :copon:
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S: 13st10lb C: 12st8lb G: 8st7lb BMI: 34.4 Loss: 1st2lb(8.33%)
Go go go go!! I am new to this dieting lark so really probably not qualified to punch you in the gob but i'll give it a go *thwack* :D

Stay positive and thing of an incentive thats maybe more manageable that next Spring - cos its along way away and its easy to say "oh i've got ages, this biscuit wont matter" if you get what a mean. Set yourself mini goals and challenges and then when you reach them you can allow yourself that little treat to keep you going. No point cutting out all of the nice stuff completely otherwise you will just binge. Find something you love (i just found out a bag of maltesers - 35g i think it is - is only 4 points!!) So you could save some points for something like that at the end of the day to keep that craving at bay.

You're not alone!! You can do it :D xx
Thanks so much for taking the time to reply Likklebex - much appreciated! I've been for my weigh in today and lost half a lb which, I suppose, is a fair reflection of what I've been doing. Its strange but I've always tried to plan my meals out but not my snacks - so now, after reading your post, I've included them in my day and specifically chosen what I'm having. Before, I used to just think 'Well, I've got 4 points left over - what shall I have?' and found myself wanting a lot more than 4 points worth of different things and ending up having all of them (hence the reason I've been running out before tea time!!). Thanks again for your suggestion - its helped me feel more positive as I start another week. Hope you're doing well and going for it too!!! xxxxx
S: 13st10lb C: 12st8lb G: 8st7lb BMI: 34.4 Loss: 1st2lb(8.33%)
You're welcome - losing weight is such a hard thing to do and you have to have the most amazing will power in the world to not go off the path sometimes!! I certainly dont have that will power but i have learned from being on this forum that as long as you have lots of people who can relate to what you are going through and offer up suggestions and support, it makes the whole thing seem a hell of a lot easier! The fact that you know where you are going wrong is half the battle and admitting it is the other half! You're guna do great - i know it :) and half a pound off it sooo much better than half a pound on so well done!! As my other half keps telling me, dont worry about the day to day losses, or even the week to week ones, it is the overall downward trend that you want to see and your body can fluctuate 2lbs here and there each day anyway so just try to look at the bigger picture... and dont get too downhearted. Stay positive. I always have strawberries in the fridge... theyre great if you get a sweet tooth - a 'portion' of them is only 1/2 a point and you could sprinkle a little sugar on top to boot for another 1/2 a point just for that extra sugar boost!

Keep going :) xx

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