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Slow cooker pork question

Ok - hope it is ok to put the question here & not the recipe section, I need to know if this will work rather than give the recipe!

Was thinking of making the syn free bbq sauce & putting this with a small joingt of pork in the slow cooker.

Question is - will it be ok to cook it like this as the pork will be raw & all the juices will come out won't they?

Was thinking of doing like a shreaded pork in bbq sauce type thing that can be used for either for a sandwich using HEb bread - or with lots of vegi's

So what do you think - should I cook the pork alone in the slow cooker, shread it & then add the bbq sauce, or cook it in the sauce so the joint gets the flavouring??
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Mrs V

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I would try cooking it in some of the sauce and having some over it after cooking Hun. Sounds delicious!
yeah could do - never thought of that!! haha

Do you think it will be ok to still use the sauce its cooked in though? I am worried about the fats draining out of the joint!


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I love cooking pork in the slow cooker, make it so tender. I even do it for steaks/chops.

If it was me, I would add the sauce after as you do get a lot of water out of pork and the sauce would dilute too much.
ok so i have put the joint in on its own - figured I would drain off the excess stock & then 1/2 hours from the end cover it in bbq sauce - try it that way :)

Thanks to you both for your help though x


Slow but sure....
I'd love to know how it turn's out, because it sounds gorgeous, and I love my slow cooker, so I should like to cook it myself.

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