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Slow Cooker


Still Climbing That Hill!
I must have the fastest slow cooker in the world! My food is always ready in around two hours, it was about 15 or 19 quid from Asda and its the big one (if anyone knows sizes of slow cookers lol) i was reading another thread on here and someone was advising someone else to put it on at high for 4 hours i could never do that my food would be like coal!!! Is anyone elses slow cooker not slow? Or is it just mine :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
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Do you have a lower setting? I tend to put mine on high for about 4 hours then turn it down to low and just leave it til I am ready for it. Last week I did beef & ale and it was in there for almost 8 hours. beef was so tender it was lovely. What do you cook in it? Different things take different times to cook I would imagine.



Slow but sure....
Mine has a thermastat on it so I can control it - Does your slow cooker have one? Two hours to cook a meal in a slow cooker is fast after all the food should be 'slow' cooked.

Is it new - maybe there is a fault with it, I can't understand why your food cooks so fast.....


Still Climbing That Hill!
Hi yes i have low medium and high i always put it on high to start with for about half an hour or so then turn it to low or medium i cook chicken breast mince chicken thighs curries, spag bol all the normal things really, i must admit though ive never cooked stew, in it! can never seem to find lean enough beef lol, Just seems so fast compared to others comments on here about theirs.

Meant to say no its not new i got last winter.


Slow but sure....
If you cook cassoroles or stews in it start it off on low and leave for as long as possible anything up to 8 hours because if it cooks long and slow your meat will be so tender - you can also cook chicken or turkey stews in your cooker, we hardly eat any red meat so all my stews etc are chicken, you can still cook it on low until you are ready to eat it.

Hope this helps you.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Mine is a Tesco one and I have the same problem! I don't think I could leave it on all day even on low or it would be cremated! I use it (or rather OH does, he's not at work) and just leave it on for 4 hours at low. My more expensive one that only had one setting was ok to leave all day. As long as it costs far less I'm happy tho.
I leave mine in all day. That's the point. Put it on when you leve the house, and it's ready when you get back. This is how I've avoide the dreaded can't be bothered to cook takeaways. It's already done. I've had stuff in there on slow for 10 hours no problem. Probably wouldn't put anything in there on high for more than 3 or 4 hours.


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