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Slow slow slow

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by BRUNTY554, 20 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. BRUNTY554

    BRUNTY554 Full Member

    Hi everyone

    i am feeling a little fed up and I am sure some of you may have been there or are here now

    my loss is so slow and not consistent each week. I understand that weight fluctuates and depends how good on an I am being but I am being good and started excercises everyday either walking for 45 mins or swimming for 20 minutes which I haven't done for ages but I am feeling a little down at the minute

    i am getting married in September 17 weeks away and I started in January with MFP cal controlled and lost a stone and lost a further 6 lbs on slimming world over the past 8 weeks so January I weighed 18st and now I weigh 16.8 which I know is an achievement but I still need to lose and aptly to get to at least 14 st for my big day. Arrrrggghhh stress

    what have you done to get past these down days and feelings?

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  3. fibe

    fibe Full Member

    It has been slow slow slow for me since Jan, I almost swapped over to the otherside lol ww but have decided to give it one more push and started a diary on here today. Have you tried success express? mix thinks up a bit x x
  4. BRUNTY554

    BRUNTY554 Full Member

    Hi fibe

    thanks for your reply. How much have you got to lose and lost already?

    i nearly went back to MFP and calorie counting but I so want this to work as I have done green. In the past and lost weight consistently.

    i will look at success express and see what that is all about

    have you tried that and did it work?
  5. fibe

    fibe Full Member

    I started Sw again! lol in January this year with stone and a half to lose. So far lost 9.5lbs but just been to centre parcs and am expecting a gain (weigh in tomoz) so watch this space. I feel like eating to much although Sw says you can. I did try express express and it boosted my weight loss as it does encourage you to eat really healthy. I've also been messing around with mfp and some days calorie counting. So bit mixed up really but today I've drawn the line and gonna go Sw all the way as I have a holiday booked and just wanna feel ok with myself. My last successful dieting was for my wedding in sept 12 got into my dress thankfully :) x x x

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