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slow slow weight loss - please help


has started again!!
Ok, so I was down last week BEFORE I was weighed. Then, on Weds I had my wi and had only lost 1lb, despite being good.

I weighed myself on Thurs, at 4.15pm, noted the weight my scales said (as they are diff from my LLC), then weighed myself again today at 4.15. The scales moved by 0.6 of a kilo, thats all. The constipation is gone, I am drinking water (and counting it too).

Why the bluddy heck am I not losing now? I always always get stuck, on whatever diet I do , at around 3 1/2 stone...and here we are again.

I have listened to all your advice, taken it on board and really appreciated it. BUT....I am so close to jacking it all in. Pehaps I am destined to be the fat blimp for ever, so why try fight it?

please help, I just dont know what to do any more.
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Cherry Plum

One day at a time
S: 15st12lb C: 15st12lb G: 10st7lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Oh Sez, you are not going to be the fat blimp, you are going to do this & do it well.
It will start to drop off, as you know not everyone loses every week, but it will catch up.
You have done so well, if you don't stick at this you could just go straight back to the weight you were before.
Don't give up, just give it time. Do it for another month & I bet you'll have lost another stone.
I think we all feel it won't work for us, we are all waiting for the point where it stops working for us, but it isn't going to happen on this diet.
You are going to be lovely & slim & the size you want to be.


Gold Member
Hiya Sez,
Chuck the scales girl! what purpose are they serving you other than making you miserable? oops thats not meant to sound quite so aggresive but you know what I mean, I hope ;)

With so few calories there is no way that you will not lose weight, it may not come of at the same rate each week, but it will come off...

Trust in the programme it truly works, 4 packs 4 litres of water and your away... You're doing great hun, hold on tight, this rough patch will dwindle out...

Keep posting tho, even if you still feel miserable, coz thats when you/we need more support :D

Keep shaking :p
Big hug - see my blog entry for earlier this week & that may help!! You must be loosing fat rather than weight - have you measured yourself?


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S: 17st2lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st6lb(31.67%)
Come on Sez! You know that this can't fail. You might have a couple of sticky weeks, but the basic maths will always win out. Step away from the scales!
Hey Sez,
Please, please don't be down. You have lost a fantastic amount of weight- more than 3.5 stone in fact very close to 4. Our bodies are bloody fickle, unpredictable and unhelpful at times- if we had total control over them we would never need to diet after all.

Your weight losses may have slowed down for all sorts of reasons- firstly I agree with others you should be doing your measurments, as it is highly likely your are losing fat. A bit of a slow down might be natural for your body- I have had a sudden spurt the last 2 weeks, but judging by my scales this week I will have been very lucky to lose a pound- I won't be happy about that, but then I'll look back at the averages and console myself with that, and look ahead to future losses. Like you I still have a long way to go, and I desperately want to lose the weight quickly, but so long as I am losing I am sticking with it- because if we stop you and I we know what will happen- the weight will come back no matter our good intentions.

We need to finish this journey, because finishing the journey will equip us to stay at our goal weight.

You are still losing weight- not gaining. Did that happen on any other diet? Especially at this stage? You have the guts and determination to do this- otherwise you would not have come this far. I believe in the diet and I believe that I will lose something every week, however small until I get there. Please believe that too Sez- I want you to stay on track!
When the scales let you down get out the tape measure. Don't forget you are in for the long haul, look at your loss over weeks rather than days and you will see a different story.

I have gone through bad patches like you Sez, I promise that you do get through them, just stick with it.



has started again!!
Thanx everyone. I still hanging in there!! Thats even despite Steve and Jake eating a full curry, with all the works for their supper last night!! (in fact I was on Minis at the time, thankfully!)

Not weighed today, might try to be strong and leave it for Thurs, my next WI.

No cheating tho, and for me, thats amazing in itself!

Cherry Plum

One day at a time
S: 15st12lb C: 15st12lb G: 10st7lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Well done Sez, its those scales that make you feel that you've not lost any weight, so as others said get rid of them, or put them out of the way.
Well done for not cheating & carrying on, you know you can do it.


has started again!!
Confession time..... jumped on those flippin scales again. Wish I hadnt as they read my weight had GONE UP!!!!! (Not by much but by the amount they appeared to have dropped the day before.)

I promise you all, hand on heart, I have not and will not cheat, but I am not happy.

OH very supportive, especially as I placed his roast dindins in front of him this evening!!! LOL!!

Will plod on..

I weigh myself at home and I shouldn't ! however my weight pretty much stays the same until I get to Wednesday and then it changes !!! not sure why. Youhave lost a lot of weight and youwill continue to do so - maybe your body is having a break !

Keep at it ! It works - i promise you I have been overweight for 19 years trying EVERY diet and this one does work !
I weigh myself every morning and every evening but I don't let it bother me if it's gone up or down, I use it just as a rough guide --- the only one that would bother me would be the 'official' weigh in.

Also when it does go up (as mine has today by 3/4lb) it's only something to do with your body and we can't really change that - unless you've eaten something you shouldn't I don't think you should worry about the little natural fluctuations.



Silver Member
Hi Sez,

I have the same problem,the only way I found to deal with it was to throw my scales away.
Seriousley it works!
I never weigh myself at home now and those who do in my group always struggle.
Do keep going Sarah - you will get through this difficult stage - it's impossible not to given the maths! You can't eat 500 calories a day and stick at a given weight forever. Our bodies are weird and variable - as are scales. I had a set which would vary by 7 lbs within 5 minutes. I've got an accurate set now but I still take what they say with a pinch of salt. You have done so well not to give in with all you've been through - you have the inner strength to see this through. Can you get your husband to hide the scales?! Please look at the long term - we're all cheering you on.


has started again!!
Thanks again everyone! I am still at it, not eating that is!! Scales are again today resolutely stuck, with no change at all, despite total abstinence since last WI.

I do like the idea, Goombagirl, of getting OH to hide the scales! I am not strong enough to avoid them, so I guess if I cant find them then that would be a help!



Queen of the Damned
I do understand how difficult this is Sez, but stay strong mate ;)

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