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Slow Weight Loss - Anyone know how to speed up?

Hi All,

This will be my 5th week on SF and as you can see have lost a total of 8lbs, I know I should be happy with that but I'm not, I think its extremely slow considering other peoples losses and sticking to the diet 100%. I found a couple of weeks ago that I was doing too much exercise and not enough cals so I changed that and have found the weight coming off but thats only 3lbs in two weeks!

Does anyone have the same problem? Or even more so, anyone have any tips or help to boost my weight loss!! I'm desperate! Xx
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Losing the baby fat
You might be losing slowly but you will have more chance of keeping it off, plus more chance of losing more fat over muscle, so the end result will have you looking pretty good!
8lb is great.. patience is a virtue and the rewards are just around the corner.

You could lose weight faster like other people, personally I wouldnt touch a fast weight loss plan with a barge pole, but it's up to you. Youre not at a life threatening BMI, so personally I would continue how youre doing. xx
Yeah I suppose that is true, but I always thought it was myth that saying lose slowly put back on slowly... Etc. It just gets frustrating that when your nearing a particular goal date to lose a certain amount it gets quite nerve racking! Lol. I'm keeping at it and to be honest I haven't done ANY exercise at all this week so only have myself to blame if I don't lose any weight plus away for valentines weekend so that's clearly going to be food and alcohol filled!! Lol

Thanks for your comments xxx


Losing the baby fat
Its not just about putting it back on, its what youre actually losing - people who lose 7lbs consistently a week lose more muscle than people who lose 2lb a week. So you could be thinner for a higher weight and healthier.
I know its frustrating though LOL but in the end you will feel better for it. I was 12 stone and in size 12 jeans, yet other people my height had to get to 10 stone to fit into them. I bought trousers off my sil who was around 9 1/2stone! If I'd just had a fast weight loss no way would I have fit into them cos I'd have been flabbier with alot less muscle than I had.

I did gain the weight again when I got pregnant - I had a m/c and gained after that probably due to depression then when i got pregnant wth my daughter my appetite raged - but i was maintaining reasonably easily and on alot of calories so I think its worth it. Some people end up mainataiing on like 1300 calories which isnt good imo because their bodies lost on so little it cant handle the ''normal'' 2,000.
Most people will put all the weight back on no matter how you lose it, its a sad fact, so I just think its better to lose it with a plan in mind that means you can live a little afterwards. xxx
hang in there.
That's so true! I mean I've seen other girls who are the same weight as me and look and clearly wear much bigger clothes than me which I find really weird but this must be why?! Ha, bodies are a very funny thing!

Well let's hope that I don't have to lose weight as much as I thought and be smaller!! Whoopie!! Lol


Losing the baby fat
I've seen people with bmi's of 28 who look better than some at 23.
when i went to weight watchers briefly the leader had a big muffin top cos she did zero exercise and was only interested in how many lbs she weighed and she didnt understand about body fat % at all.
I bet by the time your bmi hits 28-30 youre going to start feeling fantastic, and it isn't that that far off. xx
Wow really? I've never thought of losing weight or diets like this before, but when you explain it like that it really helps and makes more sense on how the body works! See the thing is when I checked what my ideal weight is for my height (5'4) I can never actually see myself being that size as just seems too small! (ideal being 7stone 6 to 10stone 3) I've always been the"bigger" girl but would love to just get to my 10per cent and take it from there. Slowly but surely I know it will happen like many of us on this forum and one day I'm sure we will all look back and think what was I worrying about look at me now! Lol


Losing the baby fat
Thats like me, my ''ideal'' is supposed be 10stone (bmi 21.9) and ww wanted me to be 11st5lbs before theyd say I could be a gold member - my doctor said 13stone but I said 12 stone LOL. So its like take your pick!
I suppose it depends what youre after - my main goal was to not be diabetic and be fit and slimmish, not skinny or thin - I thought a size 10 would be too thin for me and a 12/14 was showing my bones off(ahhh memories.... bones haha).
I still say 8lbs in 5 weeks is great - 32lbs in 20 weeks = 64lbs in 40 weeks, thats like heading for over 5 stone in a year at that rate! xx
It's crazy isn't it?! Like my bf is only 10stone 7lbs and he eats junk all day long! It makes me sick to see what he can eat and doesn't put any weight on but I know if we were tested I would be the much much healthier one even though I'm heavier!

I didnt think of the weight loss in that way, that's alot of pounds!! And all I want to lose ideally is a total of two and half stone!

Hey can I ask... Do you do any exercise? If so is it alot or not much? Thanks Hun xx

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