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Slow weight loss


Wants to Maintain Gd!!

Into 8th week of LT now and weight loss has been slowly getting slower and slower. I did start cycling an hour a day to help but not been out in the last week due to the snow.

I really want to get to the gym and start doing excercise but the lady I spoke to on the lipotrim helpline said I was inactive before then I should wait until I finish the diet. I don't really know what to think about that and would rather start sooner like doing an hour in the gym 3-4 times a week.

I want to do cardio along with weights to speed up my losses and reduce loose skin.

My target goal is 9stone 9lbs but I suspect I may begin maintenance around 10stone. So I have another 2.5stones to go.

Any advice very much so appreciated.

P.S. If you have stretch marks that this mean you will definately get loose skin?
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First stretch marks do not mean loose skin for sure. As for the weight loss slowing down i don't know what to say. it could be due to need for exercise or it could be you getting closer to your bodies natural weight and so it sin't dropping the weight as quickly?


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Yup doing cardio on a TFR diet isnt really the best idea. Gentle toning and light cardio should be ok but listen to your body. You might be pushing it doing 1hour a day 3/4times a week.

On LT your on 450cals a day - if you then do cardio and burn off 200cals your in effect putting your body into starvation mode which means it wont use the fat to burn it will keep hold of it as its 'starving' ............ no scientific explanation sorry but i hope that helps a little. :)

Saying that - it could just be that your body is getting near its 'ideal' weight and losses will always slow down the lighter you get.


Life is not a Rehersal!
I certainly wouldnt push it but I am all for keeping yourself fit and keeping toning...I didnt do it much until near the end of my last LT journey, and to be honest I wish I had started earlier.

I dont think you would be able to manage cardio...I know people who have, but if you are not used to it, I reckon you will exhaust pretty quickly and you are putting your body through enough at the minute, why put it through even more !!

Are you sure you are drinking enough?


I will be skinny again!!!
Yup.. Cardio isnt the best for this diet.. there is a few people who did it and it slowed their weight loss

But I would definatley get to work on toning exercise!

Also nope.. ive got stretch marks pretty much every where and i wasnt left with lose skin!


Wants to Maintain Gd!!
Oh gosh im so confused about this now,

I got a week trial at my local gym and took part in the bike and bodybump session for an hour, found the bike ok but did get tired, and the bodybump i got really tired. Lady said it was because I hadnot done it before. Really want to go the cycling classes 3times a week and the boxfit.
Be really careful with exercise. Walking and swimming are great, as are toning exercises but cardio is really best avoided until you're eating again.



Wants to Maintain Gd!!
Be really careful with exercise. Walking and swimming are great, as are toning exercises but cardio is really best avoided until you're eating again.

When you say Toning do you mean like weights? Is it worth me getting a 12 month membership just to do weights then and the odd classes (like Pilates and Boxfit?)


Life is not a Rehersal!
Pilates, coreball and yoga are best and like Jon says, swimming and walking.

At the end of the day, your body is in stress with taking in so few calories...last thing you want is to be make yourself poorly. Scientifically, the weight has to come off with LT...dont push yourself too far or you could tip it over the edge...you are getting there and have lost a tremendous amount of weight so far....

Just be careful; you want to enjoy life, not make it miserable for yourself :)
I think anything that doesn't make you short of breath is fine. I think yoga etc and probably weights are fine for toning. I use a vibration machine (only £99 from Ideal World at the moment) which is great.

right im gonna be awkward and argue with you all in that when i did lt before i started off at the gym at the same time i started lt. i gradually increased the amount of work i was doing and in the end, after 19 weeks and 70lbs down i was doing 4x a week plus 25 miles once a week cycle ride and walking the dog each day which included masses of cardio and weights. it did not slow down my weight loss, in fact the last 2/3 weeks saw huges losses BUT saying that you have to listen to your body and if you feel tired, dont push yourself until your exhausted, stop!

i made sure i had a huge bottle of water to top up with continuously through my workouts (which on average took 1 1/2 hours each time) and i have to say i felt wonderful doing it too :)

so yes id say if you feel ready to do it, go for it. if your worried, speak to the gym instructor or even just go for a bike ride or something but id recommend doing something.

when i stopped lt i was 10st 2 which for my 5ft 7" frame isnt that small but because id worked out throughout i was wearing size 8 clothes...which are waiting in my wardrobe once again lol i had no lose skin and before i started lt i had a pretty large belly lol

hope that doesnt confuse you more lol

h xx
I think anything that doesn't make you short of breath is fine. I think yoga etc and probably weights are fine for toning. I use a vibration machine (only £99 from Ideal World at the moment) which is great.

lol I have one of those too Jon, does it make your nose tickle too??

Sammylou x
Yup - I quite like it ;-)

I hear what Harriet says but I'd still advise real caution. Before I started on LT I re-joined a gym. I weighed 18.5 stones, told them I wanted to lose weight and was persuaded to have a personal trainer. He said he would get twice the results in half the time.
Anyway, I went for my first session with him, and the next thing I knew I woke up in hospital. I had "temporary global amnesia" which was very frightening and brought on by exertion. I had loads of tests and was so grateful that there was nothing seriously wrong (other than my weight) that I promised myself I would lose the weight and be more healthy. That's why I'm here, and so far I've lost over 5 stones.
The point is, exertion can be dangerous (and frightening) so PLEASE be careful and go steady. Lipotrim advise you avoid strenuous exercise and I would stronlgy urge you to follow their advice.

Good luck

Mmmmm little worried now :(
started LT this morning, 3rd and Final attempt i will do this right this time, don't want my son (5 yrs old) to see his mum with major body issues, want him to be brought up with a healthy, fit mum and a healthy outlook on food and exercise!:D
I've bought a cross trainer and really want to use it in conjunction with LT!
This thread has made me revise the intensity of the exercise i was going to attempt!:rolleyes:
Think i'll start off really slow, few minutes at a time. Build it up over time but keeping it gentle:p Fingers crossed all goes well!
Good plan. Don't forget - you'll not be on LT for too long, and there'll be plenty of time to exercise once we're back in the land of the eating.

i know lol i just feel so motivated that i want to go full steam ahead:D but i'll def go slowly, hope i can aid LT with the exercise not hinder it;)
the point is to listen to you body and dont over do it :)

nuff said!

h x
Dont do heavy work outs on this diet! its not designed for that, as said above you are only taking in very few calories a day. TBH, you will probably pass out if you put your body through that much whilst on LT (but then I am no doctor). I love tennis, basketball, boxing and cycling- yet completely avoiding those sports whilst on this diet- not good at all!!!

Hi all, I agree with the majority take it easy & listen to your body 1st time round i lost 5st and the only exercise i did was walking/cycling to work approx 3miles and walking the dog with the occasional swimming sessions xx Sharron

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