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Slow Weight Loss


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Same here Amy... I've had a couple of weeks of low losses.. last week I thought oh well next week I will lose at least 3lbs.. I feel so much different, thinner.. got on the scales and WHAT, only 1.5lb.. I was initially gutted, but then I thought it's still a loss, and I have now lost over 41/2 inches from my waist..

Let's not get down about this slow weight loss, because we will give up and I don't want to give up, do you? Maybe you're like me Amy and retain lots of water... we're losing the fat, but the water retention is keeping the scales from moving.. what do you think? I have to think this way, because I have stuck to this by the book and no way am I giving up now.

Stay positive Amy and you will see a huge drop next week, I am sure...

Chin up girl! :girlpower: Big hug. x
I remember when I did LL about five years ago, I had the slowest losses in the group but had been 100%..there was one lady who cheated all the time and lost loads..not fair really. Well, my slow losses were due to water retention, and for two weeks the scales didn't move, I was so upset and so was the group. Then after 3 awlful weeks I started to loose 5-7lbs a week, my body had caught up and as my llc has said if is water retention it will go.
So don't be disheartened, if you follow it a 100% you will loose and you done brilliantly so far..keep strong and your end goal in mind x
I`m only on day 3 but this is a big fear of mine :(

I have a rubbish body and really struggle to lose weight and am really worrying that I still won`t lose any weight on CD.

Have you measured yourself? Sometimes you don`t have a huge loss on the scales but you lose inches :D

Good luck for your next weigh in Xxx


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Well after 2 weeks of what I consider to be low weight loss I have again only lost 2 lbs this week. I am fed up as after 2 low weigh ins for the last 2 weeks I was hoping for more than 2 lbs!

Has anyone else had this and have you had a big loss again?

I am getting impatient now!! :sigh:
I have just posted something very similar.. I know a loss is a loss but we hardly eat anything and loose a pound or 2.

Other people seem to be having great losses and mine are naff.

Good luck Chocolate, we can stick with it and have a biggie :)

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