slow weight loss


Hi guys :)

I was just wondering about about loss as you get nearer to goal?
I've nearly lost 5st & i'm currently 9st 13lbs & i've only managed to lose 9lbs this month. I was hoping for 10lbs - 12lbs so i'm a little unset as i was hoping to be under 9st by the 1st of Dec which i now know isn't going to happen.
I still want to lose weight & want to get to about 8st 6lbs so i still have 1st 7lbs to go. How has everyones weight loss been as they get nearer to goal?
I know 9lbs is good but its still not as much as i hoped.
Does weight loss slow down alot as you get nearer to goal.
I haven't eaten any food & i'm doing the diet as i'm supposed to. My water intake has reduced, i was drinking 7 litres a day & now its about 5-6 litres. Its the cold weather, i'm finding it a bit hard to drink my cold water when i'm freezing & i can't drink warm water.
I'm very disappointed :(
Hi Daisy, sorry I can't answer your question but just wanted to say how fantastically you've done so far. Please don't be dissapointed with 9lbs, it is still a fab acheivement.Sure a CDC will be along soon to answer:)
I read something a little while ago which wasn't very scientific but I liked the idea that it was trying to put across.

Basically at a higher weight there is fat everywhere for your body to burn as energy, but as you lose weight your body has to search to find the fat to burn, the fat has been there the longest time and clings on - thus meaning your weight loss slows down.

Mine has definitely slowed down, I'm about a half stone to a stone away from my final goal and am only shifting a lb or 2 a week. (but I had a naughty chocolate day too!)

Anyway, don't give up, it will budge and it will be worth the perseverance when you get to goal.
Hiya. I am 9 stone 10lbs now and "only" lost 10lbs in the last 4 weeks. I lost 17lbs the first 4 weeks and 12lbs the second 4 so definitely have noticed it slowing down as I get slimmer. It doesn't bother me that much though as I know I only have 10/11lbs to go. Just remember when you started how far off that seemed!!! Even if I lost "just" 2lbs a week that still means only 5 weeks to go. Don't be disappointed - it happens to everyone and is just your body's way of saying that you are a more acceptable weight and it has to work harder to get the fat off. I know it's annoying when you don't reach the targets you set yourself but perhaps yours may have not taken the slower loss into account and been slightly unrealistic? You will get there eventually though and should be able to see the New Year in as your desired weight (not that far!!).

Oh, and another thing, are you supposed to be SSing now you are only 9 stone 13? I started on AAM about 3 and a half weeks ago and have now moved up to 790 and am still losing (lost 4lbs last week after a few weeks losing hardly anything)
I find that my weight loss has slowed a bit, and I am at the 5 stone mark too. When I think about it, at 17 stone, being in ketosis, every movement you make and every bit of effort going about your daily tasks you are burning fat. Same at 12 stone, but without that 5 stone on your you probably burn less fat going about your daily life. It makes sense. We need to be a little patient towards the end - hard, but at least the worst is over (dont know about you but I am feeling great). The rest is a bonus, the final stone and a half to two stone...I'm going to have to be patient. Having said that I can still lose 3 pounds a week average so its not all doom and gloom...
Thanks for the replies guys :D

I know i'm just being a fussy old bag ;) & i know i have done so well already. I feel 100% better now than i did at 14st 11lb, i can't tell you how much better i feel. I wouldn't leave the house before, now im itching to get out the door everyday lol.
I'm starting to look for work which i wouldn't have done if i was still nearly 15st.

I shall keep on it until i get at least near 8st 6lbs, even if it means doing this all through december.... mind you that'll prob be a good thing actually. I would never touch any food whilst on SS but if i was eating i might be tempted with the odd biscuit or chocolate over christmas.

I'm still on SS as i'm on lipotrim, i can go on maintenance but i don't feel ready for that just now... although maintenace bar is lovely :p. I had it the last time i was on lipotrim & its so much nicer than their shakes but i shall wait.

Thanks again :D