slowing down waterworks

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Emm28, 22 June 2008 Social URL.

  1. Emm28

    Emm28 Silver Member

    Im on day 2 and my waterworks are slowing down despite still having my pints of water.... i guess this is a good thing and saves on running to the loo :D:D
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  3. kellymundy

    kellymundy Gold Member

    God your body got used to that quick!:eek:
    Mine to 2 weeks to adjust to all the water when I first started. When I went to work I think I spent more time in the loo than at my desk! LOL
  4. skinikki

    skinikki Silver Member

    I think your bladders just gets used to the extra volume. I dont seem to go as often now either! :tear_drop:
  5. Emm28

    Emm28 Silver Member

    i was in the loo at least twice an hr yesterday ..oooh

    today its like every other hour :)
  6. skinikki

    skinikki Silver Member

    I can go acouple of hours before visits and I drink about 4 plus litres a day!:tear_drop:

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