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small cheat

Well im of mixed emotions right now. Not sure if im disappointed with myself or not. See, its my little boys 3rd birthday and weve just had a nice little tea party. I had a couple of nibbles (2 chicken skewers and a handful of prawns to be precise lol). Im actually fairly proud of myself because the house was full of cakes, sweets and fatty pizza, sandwiches etc.....and i steered clear. I felt myself being tempted.....and i knew that if i didnt have what i had, id have waited til everyone left and indulge in cake lol. So im kind of prod i didnt do that. Also slightly angry with family, as theyre all saying "why u not having anything to eat", then when i give in to temptation my auntie says "thats a funny looking milkshake".....

But a cheat is a cheat none the less lol....and i feel guilty to keep it a secret, "forgive me father for i have sinned" lol
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Totally agree with starlight hun. Be proud of yourself as like u say, things could have ended differently. U chose the wise choice given the situation. It probably won't have any impact on ur loss n you'll remain in ketosis as plain chicken n prawns are carb free


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Yeah well done you, i would of succumbed to the sandwiches they are so my weakness, actually any party food is, i would of cancelled the party ;) It won't harm you and you made the right choice in food, tomorrows another day to be 100%. Anyway you are poorly also so don't be so hard on yourself x


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Completely agree, not a cheat but a sensible choice. Your losses will be fine and tomorrow can be 100% again. Most importantly did your little boy enjoy his party? :)
haha Sandy love how u got the "journey" in there lol....made me giggle. Yeah i tried hard not to give in at all but glad i made the better choice lol!

Oh he had a fab time and was spoilt rotton. He got a big srprise from my sis and her boyfriend who spent a fortune on him by buying a walking talkin interactive buzz lightyear....and from then on no other present got a look in! haha. hes just asleep now which is unusual for him, hes usually an early bedder! But yeah, thanks, he had a fab day....:) xx


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...................a huge pat on the back babystar I would have crammed as many sandwiches & cake in that I could I know I would have done but you really made a considerd choice and it was the right one. Well done xx
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You done well, if that was me once and had touched any food id have eaten loads so congrats. Class it as a wee treat for your sons birthday an you can get back to 100% from now on with more determination
There was pizza and you chose chicken and prawns?????!!!!!!
I think you are well on the road to success hon. Glad your little one enjoyed it too which is the main thing!!!!
Well done for keeping it to a minimum !!! Xx


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You did so well! Don't see it as a cheat like the others said, you consciously made the choice to have the better options!

I have some skimmed milk in my coffee as it keeps me sane! Not done me harm thus far:)


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Agree with everyone else... it could have been so much worse! Well done for being strong xx
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I've had some chicken and bits here and there since starting. Don't deny myself if i'm really hungry as usually I would have been buying sandwiches or crisps !! If your anything like me a bit of meat here and there is still a massive improvement! Well done :) xx


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I would have ate the entire cake, and the chicken LOL

well done you and the chicken doesnt seem such a bit thing compared to what was on offer. :D

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