small pants

Hi , just a fairly pointless post ... but I am soo happy . I have been to primark to buy new pants ( as all mine kept falling down !!) and bought some of the 16-18 , but they looked so small compared to my old ones I was sure they wouldnt fit .. but they do.. and they look fab .... I know its not much to be happy about .. but I was a size 24 10 weeks ago ... and now I can fit into 16-18 pants :D:D
I hated my old huge saggy pants .. oh dear .. small things please small minds !!!!!
does anyone else have any little thing that made them really happy ??
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That's no small thing - it's a massive achievement and you're right to enjoy the moment. It really does feel great doesn't it! Congratulations Katie.

(recently gone from 44" waist to 32" woo hoo!!!)


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Well done you must be so proud of yourself xxx


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well done u thats fantastic delighted for u


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Congrats thats not a small point its a huge achievement.:)


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Well, that is no small thing!! That is a big highlight and you should be well proud of yourself!!!!!! The sizes you are come down is not to be sniffed at and thought it is nothing, it is a big thing and I am really pleased for you!!!! ENJOY YOUR MOMENT!!!!!!

Next time it will be the size smaller again and hope your post is a positive one,,,,,you should be very happy with yourself! WELL DONE!!!!!!


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Absolutely fantastic, you must be so proud of yourself, well done,


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Yay for you and your teeny-weeny pants!! :D :D


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Well done you.... plus I always find Primark pants come up small. I cant get into their 14-16 pants but fit Asda size 12!!


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That is such a great feeling isnt it??

Bet your chuffed!!


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Well done that's fantastic. I think this is a good post to remind people that when they don't have a great weight loss that it doesn't mean doom and gloom it's about the inches dropping off too. Your body adjusts itself and your figure, so just think if it hasn't gone in lbs it will have definately have gone in inches!!


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It is an amazing achievement don't underestimate yourself :D and well done Primark sizes are tiny aswell xxx


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determinator thats fantastic,,i cannot wait to do the same must be so proud of yourself! we all are proud of you good job...:) x


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Wow mate thats amazing!!!! Congratulations! xxx