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i personally think its rank! i cant stand the stuff even the flavoured ones Id rather peel and mash a spud than eat it and i hate peeling spuds


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There was a review in a recent SW mag about instant mash and Smash came way down on the list...

Sainsburys was the number 1 and it was free, some of the others have syn values


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i was never allowed it when i was younger as my ma thinks it's grosse i only tasted it when i started on the slimming world and now i think it makes a great snack with beans and quorn sausages mmmmm
I like it when its not in the form of mash!! By that I mean, if I make it into something else...smash pizza, croquettes etc, cant stand the stuff on its own though!


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
it's really nice just with two mini babybells melted in mmmmm i want smash now
Love smash too!!
You know, I've never ever ever had Smash in my life! But I saw that thingy in the mag this month with the chart of instant mash products and thought I might give the Sainsbury's one a try. Could be a handy thing for work. Right, excuse my ignorance, but do you just make it up with boiling water?!
Yes you do Hun..just make it up with boiling water to the consistency that you need


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it such a lazy food it's my emergency food if i wake up and have one of those days like we all do and want to eat everything like at the mad hormonal times i know if i eat some smash really quick it will take my mad craving away lol


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You can also add butter/marge and/or milk. But I prefer it with just the water (seasoned with salt and pepper, and chilli flakes if it's with beans as I'm addicted) as I can use the syns elsewhere.


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
mmmm chilli and cheeze smash fea you may very well be a genious !!!

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