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Smokes' food diary


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Hi guys,
I've decided to keep a food diary on here to see if it helps motivate me!

My story so far -
started slimming world November 2009, loved it and did really well to start with. But I've got stuck! Got my club 10 award and got 1lb away from a 2 stone loss but have spent at least the last 8 weeks loosing and gaining the same few pounds. :break_diet:
I know why, it's because I'm not sticking to plan! I think I had a couple of weeks before this started where I cheated a little and got away with it and had a loss so I started to cheat a bit more! Also my partner was away when I started SW and returned in January. I am finding it harder with him around as he seems to eat anything and everything!

So I want some motivation, some kicks, some telling off's when I've messed up, and any tips and advice (especially with resisting temptation when partner is eating yummy food!).
So please help me!!
I am back on track from today!

Breakfast -
Mandarin Muller light, an orange and a cup of tea (milk from HEXA).
I'm off to college today so will be taking an apple and a Kellogg fibre plus bar with me to try and resist temptation of the cakes and biscuits in the coffee house! Will update how I get on later!
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Rest of the day went something like this:
lunch - Kellogs, high fibre bar (HEXB), cooked chicken, bacon, 1 babybel light (part HEXA), mango and an apple, fruit salad. (bit of a strange one as it was lunch on the run!!!)
Snack 3 jaffa cakes (7.5 syns) (a non-planned coffee with mum and dad! Thought I did well to resist the cakes!!)
Tea - turkey stir fry - lots of veg and some noodles.
So 7.5syns so far, may have a hot chocolate (2.5) before bed so that'll take me upto 10syns today.

Meant to say I mainly do extra easy and ideally I'd like to loose another 4-5stones but at the moment I can't see that happening!


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Thanks Allie!
I do make him SW friendly main meals! (no way am I cooking 2 meals!)
Its mainly weekends I struggle cos he feels he's allowed a treat and I find it hard to resist and not pinch a doughnut from the 5 he's just bought! I'm making excuses really and need to be stronger!!


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Breakfast - 28g muesli and 1 scan bran (HEXB) topped with blueberries and milk (HEXA)
Snack - strawberries and a muller yoghurt
Lunch - pasta, left over stir fry veg and chicken and bacon.
Snacks will be fruit such as an apple and a nectarine.
Lunch and snacks will be had at work later, just need to think of something to have when I get in from work as it might be late (9.30pmish) but I know I'll be peckish!


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Have just got in from work and have had a homemade rhubarb crumble which I worked out to be about 10syns and also had 2 quorn sausages and spaghetti hoops.
SO 10syns used today!
S: 14st0lb C: 14st0lb G: 11st2lb BMI: 30.7 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi. Sounds like you are pretty tough on yourself when you have already made an excellent start - easing off on yourself will not mean you let yourself go.

I would say make sure you are organised and plan at least Mon- Fri meals including any snacks and get your shopping done in one go if you can.

Try and get your partner on board and explain they are making it a bit tricky for you. My boyfriend is the same with treats so all I do when I shop is buy one doughnut for him not the packs of five. I also buy myself lowfat snacks so if he has a choc biscuit I have an Alpen bar or the Special K Biscuit bite things.

Crack on - you are on track!
ps My mum usually has an amazing biscuit tin/cake selection too - you did well with the jaffa cakes ; )


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Hi Tori!
Thanks! I think I need to be tough on myself because I have got seriously stuck by being lax and thinking "oh this won't hurt"!
I know the plan works cos I've lost nearly 2 stone on it, I just need to stick to it again to loose more!!

Todays meals - 03/6/10
Breakfast - 28g muesli (HEXB) with strawberries and blueberries and milk (HEXA)
Snack - apple
Lunch - salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber,) ham and a peach
Snack - 2 digestives (6syns)
Tea - turkey breast, new potatoes, mixed veg. Am going to have some stewed rhubarb for pudding.

Today I have been feeling really hungry!! Still feel hungry despite just having my tea! Only had the digestive at work cos I was hungry! But I took what I normally take to work!

Have a wedding to go to tomorrow so think it might be a flexi-syn day! going to try and make sensible choices though!
S: 14st0lb C: 14st0lb G: 11st2lb BMI: 30.7 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
It is a great plan and it has given me an easy framework with normal food which i find is lacking in typical "diets". I lost 2stone over 6years ago and have only gained about 10lbs in the last couple of years. I am back on track now like you and am ready to push on that bit further this time to be extra healthy. At the moment my goal is to look after myself and eating good food will help me do that but I also see my confidence increase as I get a bit smaller.
I will be following your diary with interest :)


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The day of the wedding!
Breakfast was strawberries, blueberries and muller yoghurt.
Snack was an apple and a peach.
I made sure I had lunch before I went to wedding so had salad, a jacket potato and some ham.
Now I had saved my HEXA&B because I wasn't sure what food would be at the wedding and I thought if there were sandwiches at the buffet I could put them towards cheese sandwiches to save syns! But actually there was some lovely hot food which shouldn't have been too bad syn wise! I had some slices of roast beef, some lamb stew, some potato wedges and some mixed veg. Not really sure how many syns but better than all the pastry products on the buffet!
The trifle and 1/2slice of chocolate cake and several vodka and cokes would have pushed me well over my daily syn allowance but never mind!

Now for the hard part - getting back on track today! this is where I normally ruin it and think I went off plan yesterday so I'll just eat this today! I am also feeling like I have post drinking munchies so may need to go for stodge!!
So far today (5/6/10) i have had a peach, a muller and some toast with flora light and jam.
Right don't think I have done too badly today but at the same time haven't really counted my syns either!
Breakfast - a peach, muller, toast (HEXB) flora light (1syn) Jam (2syns)
Snack babybel light (HEXA)
Lunch - noodles! and fresh pineapple
Dinner -went to Toby carvery, had a couple of small - medium roast potatoes so they need syning and also the gravy. Also did have an ice cream with a chocolate flake and butterscotch sauce!

Really must get back to counting syns tomorrow!
Umm Didn't write down what I had yesterday so going form memory -
Late brekkie/Lunch - bacon, egg, toast (HEXB), baked beans.
A fruit crumble thing ? syns)
Some jelly babies (?syns)
Dinner - pork chop (fat removed), roast potatoes (SW way), and veg, gravy..

Weigh in today have lost 1.5lbs so pleased with that, just need to keep going for a loss next week too!

Breakfast - pineapple and tropical fruit, muller,
Snack -Fibre plus (HEXB)
Lunch - mug shot, apple, peach
Snack - a couple of shortbread biscuits
And I won't tell you what I had for dinner as I always treat myself after weigh in!!
Breakfast - cherries, blueberries, pineapple and a muller
Snack - alpen light (part HEXB)
Lunch - cous cous, cucumber, tomato, beetroot, ham, celery, 2 babybel lights (HEXA), an apple, nectarine.
Snack - 2 digestives - 6syns and alpen light (part HEXB)
Dinner - salmon, mixed veg, new potatoes, flora - 1syn. Mini milk - 1.5syns

Total syns so far - 8.5. And do you know what I felt really guilty eating the 2 digestives at work but they are within my syn allowance!
Think I'm still allowed another babybel as you're allowed 3 for a HEXA so will have that later.

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