is crazy
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wow, well done. i gave up smoking last year for a few months but i didnt last :cry:
back on the horrid cigs now.
are you going cold turkey or using patches and things?


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That's great!
I have never smoked myself, only because I spent alot of time with my grandparents when younger and they smoked like troopers! Put me off thankfully!
Think of the money you will save to put towards new clothes!!!
Good luck! x


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well done babystar, i have been smoke-free for almost 13 months now, and its a great feeling x x x


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thanks! nope just giving up with willpower and nothing else. today will probably be hard. after saturday night out im still not back into ketosis and now without cigs too i'll be like a bear with a sore head....but im determined today is the day x


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Wow that's great good luck! I gave up 15 months ago, I found the gum a godsend, you can buy it in say petrol station where you would go for cigs and you only need take it when cravings are really bad. I'd not use it for a week but then just use it when I thought I was about to cave as it kills the cravings. Just a thought :)

Good luck again!!


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Well done Babystar I've been cig free for nearly 2 years and although I put on weight I've never regretted it and hate the smell of smoke near me now!

Well good luck! xx maxi xx


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Well done hun, I've not smoked now for 5 years and I was a heavy smoker, I did the same - cold turkey and was ok.

Just remember by the summer you will be a fitter/healthier/slinkier you!!!!


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I went cold turkey and am off them 4 months (nearly 5!) now, I don't miss it, I hate getting stuck walking behind someone smoking and can't believe I ever wasted so much time and money! I found that when I stopped I would just take it one at a time, like ok, won't have the morning one, but I can have the mid-morning, then at mid-morning I'd skip it, but promise myself I could have the lunch one (or two or three..) and then at each cigarette time I weighed up whether or not I wanted it, given that I'd already skipped a whole bunch of them already, then it turned into days, like I didn't have one for all of yesterday, do I really want to ruin that now etc... I think if you have the willpower for a VLCD then you're well able to kick smoking's smelly ass!!!