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Smurfy's 1 year to change my life.

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by sus_murf, 8 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. sus_murf

    sus_murf Silver Member

    Hi everyone - I have been a member of minimins for years, have tried every diet known to man, but two separate things have motivated me to make 2014 the year it will change. Firstly Slimming World finally opened in my area (I followed the diet successfully online before I got pregnant with my second child but never got back on the train afterwards), and my mother made a very valid point - that if I just stuck to the diet and lost a pound a week I would be at goal by Christmas. I've spent so long trying to do it quickly and following fads that I had forgotten how easy it should be!

    Just a bit about me - I'm married with two children - Claire is will be 6 in March, Joe will be 2. I live in the south of Ireland and work as a primary school teacher, although my job is not permanent so I have periods of unemployment. I'm a lazy ass, get very little exercise - I use the excuse that it's because my husband works very long hours and I can't get out (my dad babysits so that I can go to group) but really I could do better. I have good support in real life - my mother and sister both joined group with me, but I thrive on online support - am always logging in on my phone!

    Obviously, I don't do anything simply - when I did it online before, I got great support from a group here that weighs on a Thursday and it seems like cheating on that group to be weighing in at class, so as a result I weigh in twice a week - once at group and also on Thursday mornings. I'm not sure which one seems more real - I think the Thursday morning reflects my true weight as it's first thing in the morning and no messing with what to wear and what to eat!

    My starting weight was 13st 9 at class, 13 stone 3 on the Thursday and the week's since have gone as follows:

    Start weight 13st 9lbs 13st 3lbs
    Week 2 13st 6lbs 13st 1/2lb
    Week 3 13 st 3.5lbs 12st 12.5lb

    I am really determined that this is going to be my year - although the upcoming week is full of challenges - I'm out for dinner Thursday night, away for the night Saturday night and I have a spa treatment and lunch out on the following Tuesday - I should add that I rarely go anywhere so all of these coming at once is a lot unusual!! I hope to use this thread to post my daily meals and get some tips and support to get me through the year!!
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  3. Kay003

    Kay003 Gold Member

    Hello hello, I'm the first to sub :D ! You won't be able to get rid of me now hehe ! Going to bed soon but will be back on tom morning, will read your diary in detail, so glad you've started one, look forward to keeping in touch hun :).

    Kay xx
  4. xsugarfairyx

    xsugarfairyx Gold Member

    Saw your posts on kays thread and I'm nosey so hope you don't mind me checking out your diary. Well done on your losses so far. I admire the job you do, I started a teaching degree but I got a knock in confidence so my degree is in education studies now, hoping to find a position as a teaching assistant but struggling atm, so many applicants guess it's the same for teachers too. Xx
  5. sus_murf

    sus_murf Silver Member

    Thanks sugar fairy and all nosey Parker's welcome!! I'm a relative newcomer to teaching - I was an accountant for 8 years and hated it so I retrained - I've been qualified nearly 4 years now. I absolutely love the job but life would be much easier if I had a permanent position!
  6. xsugarfairyx

    xsugarfairyx Gold Member

    Well when you get one will you tell your school to employ me as a ta although a bit far to travel lol, which days are you doing? Xx
  7. sus_murf

    sus_murf Silver Member

    A mix of red and extra easy. I think I lose better on red. How about you??
  8. xsugarfairyx

    xsugarfairyx Gold Member

    I've been doing extra easy and a few green when I have quorn but I might try red one day, mix it up a bit xx
  9. Kay003

    Kay003 Gold Member

    Hi sm :wavey:, hope your having a nice Sunday. Did you post your food diary for yesterday ? I used to do red days a few months back and had really good losses, but have gone back to green now, really miss my pasta and rice :D.

    Kay xx
  10. sus_murf

    sus_murf Silver Member

    Hi Kay, no I didn't post food for yesterday - it was a bit of a disaster - not that I was misbehaving - just that the day ran away from me and I wasn't as thoughtful about food as I usualy am! I had a late start - the smallies played ball and stayed in bed till after 9, but then were all demands - it was nearly mid day by the time I finally got my omelette - I had to fill the omelette maker three times before I got one!! Then I went shopping and didn't get back till nearly 5. Martin was going out for a rare night out, so I got the kids fed before dropping him into town at 6. I got the small man to bed and tried tidying up and spending time with my 6 year old, all the while making a big pot of speed soup.

    Which proves what a muppet I am because I'm supposed to be doing red days - I had forgotten that it wasn't free on red days!!

    But anyway yesterday's food -

    B - ham, cheese & tomato omelette - HexA
    D - Homemade burger with 60g brown roll (HEx B) SW chips and salad.
    Snacks - 2 oranges.

    Had a really bad night sleep then last night - MArtin came off totally hammered, sick as a dog and falling all over the place - he rarely gets out so his tolerance is low!! I was up from 1 to 3:30 with him and I just had him asleep when my 6 year old woke up worried that was going to be sick. So I decamped to her bedroom and eventually got her to sleep at 5ish and got to sleep then until 8. So today was a real danger day, but because I was really busy with getting work sorted for the week I didn't misbehave. I had planned to have a red day but half way through my speed soup I realised that I wasn't supposed to be having it so had to rejig my day!! So food was:

    B: Porridge with milk allowance - HexA & HexB
    L: Speed soup and an orange
    D: Sticky chicken with rice (2.5 syns)
    Treat - I'm just about to launch into a meringue, orange and muller light (3 syns)

    I'm pretty sure I'm going to have a hot whiskey with sweetener in bed because I'm totally stuffed up, which will take my daily syns to 9.5. But hopefully it'll help me sleep!!
  11. dyingtobethin102

    dyingtobethin102 Full Member

    here to subscribe, keep up the good work!! x
  12. xsugarfairyx

    xsugarfairyx Gold Member

    Feel better soon hope the whiskey helped xx
  13. Kay003

    Kay003 Gold Member

    Hi sm :), well done on your food diary so far and even more well done for sticking to the plan despite all the ups and downs that have gone on around you. I could not multi task like that and still achieve what you have this week :p . I hope you don't overwork yourself though and you get some time for yourself. It's often when our life gets too busy that we have a blip. Hope you feel better soon. Look forward to reading more of your daily eats. Good luck for your next weigh in, I'm sure you'll do really well. Fingers crossed for you hun.

    Kay xx
  14. sus_murf

    sus_murf Silver Member

    Sugar fairy - I literally just had the whiskey drank when I realised that I'd forgotten a report for school, so I had to get back up and do it then. Got back to bed at 1, son woke me at 2 - just for a few mins though, then daughter woke at 3:30 after a bad dream - ended up sleeping in with and getting very little sleep. Am off to bed now though and have warned them all that it's daddy's turn tonight - mom needs sleep!!
  15. sus_murf

    sus_murf Silver Member

    Ok, so last night's sleep was no better but I got through the day and no children were harmed!! So today's food:

    Breakfast - a banana. Meant to have some hifi bars too but didn't have time

    Lunch - speed soup and a mandarin

    Dinner - pizza topped chicken (hexa) with SW chips and roasted veg, followed by an orange.

    Snacks - muller light and a bite if my son's toast. Call it 2 syns.

    Am hungry now and wish I had the energy to get a piece of fruit but I'm in bed and feeling lazy so I'll sleep instead.....
  16. xsugarfairyx

    xsugarfairyx Gold Member

    Sorry to hear you had a bad night. Hope you get a better nights sleep tonight xx
  17. dyingtobethin102

    dyingtobethin102 Full Member

    hope you're feeling better today and had a better sleep?Xx
  18. Kay003

    Kay003 Gold Member

    Hello SM, your food diary looks really good for yesterday :) hope you got some sleep and rest and are feeling much better today hun.

    Kay xx
  19. Kay003

    Kay003 Gold Member

    Well done on your terrific loss hun, you've done amazingly well considering the hectic week you've had :) . So happy for you. Wishing you another fab loss next week !

    Kay xx
  20. sus_murf

    sus_murf Silver Member

    So weigh in day today - I was really hoping for 1.5lbs at least to get my half stone award - and I got it - 2.5 lbs down - so 13 st 1 now!!

    Food today:

    Breakfast - banana & muller light

    Lunch - salad with bacon & lf salad cream (2.5 syns)

    Dinner - bacon & egg sandwich ( hex b), orange,
    Lindt egg - celebration!!! (9 syns)

    So now my dilemma is this - if I lose 1.5lbs next week I'll be into the 12's.

    BUT - in this week alone I have a meal out Thursday night, a night away Saturday night and a spa session and lunch out with my sister on Tuesday before my weigh in - only positive is that I'll have shave my legs before the spa session and that's got to be good for a half pound at least!
  21. sus_murf

    sus_murf Silver Member

    I just realised that I'm no longer obese - I passed into over weight last week!!!!?

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