Snacking on Mugshots......


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They're morish those mugshots...i have had them inbetween meals before, when im hungry and dinner would be later on in the evening for example, but i do try to snack on fruit inbetween my meals now.



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how many syns do those mugshots have? x


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I would say that if you are feeling the need to snack on something as substantial as a mugshot then you are probably not eating enough at mealtimes.

Although they are free they are still relatively high in calories - averaging about 250 calories. So a couple of them in a day would be an additional 500 calories in snacks alone. While you might get away with it when you still have a fair amount of weight to lose you may find that changes as you get closer to target.

i would try and increase your superfree intake at mealtimes and try and choose that for snacks as well without relying heavily on free foods