Extra Easy Snacks


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I ask myself 3 questions.

Am I thirsty? I have a drink
Am I really hungry? I have a peice of fruit.
Am I still hungry? Then I possibly will have something more substantial like SW chips, but I try not to make a habit of it.

Helen xxx


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It's ok to snack on free foods if you're hungry, but superfree foods are better for weight loss.


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yes its fine to have sw chips but the ee recommendation is really that you snack on superfree foods - fruit & veg - however, like the previous poster have a glass of water - have a piece of fruit - if you are still very hungry then go for the sw chips.

better to have the sw chips than tucking into a choccy bar cos you couldn't do without something substantial.


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I tend to only snack on superfree foods (usually melon, pineapple, satsumas, grapes, etc)
If I am really hungry then A mug shot normally hits the spot nicely but I dont tend to make an habit of it. xxx


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If taking a drink doesn't subside it and I am still feelin Peckish I make a small fruit salad and pour some mullerlight vanilla yogurt over it!! Always works a treat and is a far quicker alternative to the chips


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S: 9st11.5lb C: 8st12lb G: 8st10lb BMI: 22.7 Loss: 0st13.5lb(9.82%)
I also find scan bran broken up into a yogurt really filling. I had some earlier while my Hubby sat there and stuffed his face with Heroes chocolates lmao! xxx


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Good idea's thank you. I don't know why but yesterday i just didn't feel satisfied after eating anything! Think i may be nearing totm which is usually when i eat more!!
Will stock up on the mugshots and muller lights for future!


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good advise but if i am feeling peckish, sometimes i dont want anything that is sweet flavoured.
I am going to try and eat some raw veg with a humous dip.