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sneaky peaks


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Annie272 said:
Do ye have sneaky peaks and find yourselves way up? I had nice treat last night and counted in my weeklies and was up 2lbs this morning?
Yep! I'm a devil at doing it. But I also don't let it effect how I feel really as I know it's not accurate. I sometimes weigh as much as 4lb heavier from day to day!


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Yep, 9/10 I am. Our bodies fluctuate so much depending on what we've eaten, drank, how much salt in our food etc etc. i can't stop myself! Ha!
What Mets says is true enough. I also jump on the scales every day, some times twice a day and my weight is always different!! I can't bring myself to throw them out though. Weight does fluctuate for different reasons so don't worry too much about it :)
A lot of it is due to water in the body. If you think that throughout the day you take in alot of water through drinking or food then your weight will change. Its th same with post eating bloating. It all contributes to the changes!

Repeatedly weighing is a bad habit though and one i would love to give up! I always worry thats its going to lead to an obsession. I have managed to cut it down through to once a day so its a start :)
I panic if I am up though and scared I be up at weigh in. Need to lose 7 stone and never want to see 18 stone again but totally panic if i am up heading towards weigh in say :-(
I have that feeling too... i want to lose a total of 8 stone but its not easy! I panic as well if i feel its gones up and i will skip class that week but this isnt the way to do it. I always need to remind myself that fluid affects weight and chances are its not a true gain!
That is what happened with the previous 7 times I joined. I would skip class and then stop going. So now i go to class and try to be down but listen to the support at class and that is why I come here too x
Thats the right attitude to have!! I have adopted it too so we should both be on the right track this time :)
Annie272 said:
That is what happened with the previous 7 times I joined. I would skip class and then stop going. So now i go to class and try to be down but listen to the support at class and that is why I come here too x
Brilliant. That's the thing though - you have to go, even if you know you're going to gain cos it's a slippery slope when you start skipping classes. I wish I could throw my scale out but I just can't bring myself to do it. Yeah, I think I'm a bit obsessed with weighing myself :-/ but I know not to take it as my "actual weight" - that's for WI day
If you were at school and hadn't done your homework, even though you knew what you should have done and you'd had a week to get it in, you would still have to go to class. Stand up, be counted and move on. I'm jumping ship from CD and cannot stress enough the importance of drinking water to flush the system to get rid of toxins.
Whilst its hard on the day of WI, it is important to keep going. I've just started Zumba and on week 2 was desperately trying to find a reason not to go (especially as my friend couldn't make it) but forced my self to go along and actually thoroughly enjoyed it.
Good Luck

M x
Molly was just about to post about water too. I filled a 2 litre bottle with water yesterday and drank it throughout the day and then instead of my wine last night, I drank flavoured sparkling water. Up all night peeing lol. Was that too much water?
CD say 2.25litres per day.
Before doing CD I couldn't even sip water but now I have no problem drinking it.
I have a big glass before I go out in the morning (about 400ml) then I work in a school so have a bottle of water to drink through the school day and manage 1ltr, it sets a good example to the children too. I fill my bottle again for being in the house and have a big glass of water at tea time.
Water is so good for your skin as well.
For the first few days it does make you pee a lot and that's hard when you have to get up a couple of times through the night but it gets better.

M x
Will this help speed up the weight loss hun? Did Lipotrim before and drank 2,5 a day and always have bottle in my desk in work. Have to force myself at home but I'm getting there :)
I believe it does have a positive effect but I don't know all the technical stuff. If nothing else, drinking a big glass of water before eating anything will make you feel full before you eat and should stop you from eating as much. Also, when you feel peckish, again try having a really good glug of water and the feeling will pass.

M x
Drinking water is always good when trying to lose weight. They always say you should drink 2litres but this is debated. If you have never been a person who drinks a lot each day then suddenly going to 2 litres can make you feel unwell. Just increase it until you get to a comfortable level :)
Im impressed, i couldnt manage that much liquid in a day. What day is weigh day? I would advise not to drink that much liquid the evening before in case it bloats you for going on the scales :)

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