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Sneaky Peek?

Come on then, own up.

Do you only check the scales at proper weigh-in times or can you not resist having a sneaky peek in between? :D

I've had mine out this morning and it's only day 3.........:eek:

If you do weigh yourself more often do you find that it helps or hinders your resolution? After a quick look this morning I feel like Exante is working at the moment so I think it's probably helped me this week but suspect that it might be more of a hindrance further down the line when I am losing less each week anyway.
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The good thing about this diet is that the weight loss is fairly constant if you stick to it. This is highly motivating! So yes, I am constantly having sneaky peeks!!


taking it 1 day at a time
For the first two weeks I was always on the scales. This week I decided to resist and was very pleasantly surprised at weigh in. Having said that, I don't find serial weighing affects me either way. I just find it interesting to see how things are going. I know this diet works as I got to goal last summer, just need to keep reminding myself not to return to my old ways this time.

Good luck with your weightloss.
It doesn't seem to be working great for me at the moment. I have only lost 1lb for both of the last 2 weeks. Seems like a lot of effort for not a lot of results.
I have not cheated, drink at least 3 litres of water a day and have slowed down.
And it's only week 6!
It could just be that your body is playing catch-up as you did lose an incredible amount on the first week. Have patience and I am sure your losses will pick up again.
B xx
I use the Wii to weigh myself it likes me to weigh daily, lately its been yoyoing up and down
I have always been a serial weigher whilst on diets

I've been avoiding weighing myself for so long now, its nice to see that day after day the weights coming off
everyones different
I'm afraid I am a compulsive weigher when on some sort of diet, which regularly tips into the obsessional. Can't help it. It just ends up that way.
Just under 3 days in
lost 5lbs


Chronic dieter!!!
I'm afraid i have chronic weighing syndrome and always weigh myself, even in one day i might weigh myself in the morning (always a treat :) ) then weigh myself after lunch = feel depressed, weigh myself after dinner = feel suicidal and then proceed to eat half the contents of my kitchen before retiring to bed feeling very very ill and disgusted with myself.... Hence why no more food from today onwards - Exante is supposed to arrive today between 10:36-11:36.... Can't wait!!!! :D
Now margarino
thats a little bad
maybe keep it to when you are lightest in the morning
its always depressing weighing yourself at night too
It'll be all the water you have drunk thru the days that weights heavy !


Chronic dieter!!!
I'm afraid I am a compulsive weigher when on some sort of diet, which regularly tips into the obsessional. Can't help it. It just ends up that way.
I think i've weighed myself over 10 times since starting on friday and.... I am very happy to report that..... I am just below 13st as of this morning!!!!!!! :happy036: My scales read 12st 13.2lbs - and i did it twice just in case it was wrong the first time :D
That's great news marg
keep it up
are you feeling better today?
I'm headachy, but I think that's from going over to visit my mum and family, driving, not as many cuppas, water as I am used to


Chronic dieter!!!
Hope the head clears Maggie.

I feel much better today, which i think is because of everyone's excellent advice for me to drink more - i think i had 5 pints before i went to bed and had already had 2 during the day - so almost at 8! There is still some tenderness in my back and i am taking it easy, and it has begun to hurt a little again when i go to pee, but otherwise much better :)
Excellent news, on all counts. Your start weight it probably my target! lol but it's all relative, isn't it. :)

It's gone 12, and I havn't drunk my 11am pint yet...

Am very glad you're feeling much better. :)


Silver Member
I used to weigh and log my weight once a week - recently I felt my losses were slowing as I got closer to goal and I found that really de-motivating.
I have now started micro logging my weight hee hee - probably not advisable but it has really helped me refocus on the last stretch. I am weighing and logging daily - I used to just note the whole pound but am now going down to decimal points and so I can see that the trend is definitely downward at the angle I want it to be - I know water is heavy and can really affect such tiny detail weight readings but it is really helping me at the moment! and I just take that into account in my head.
Ah I'm glad I'm not the only one who is sneaky peeking!! I only started yesterday and couldn't resist the urge to jump on the scales this morning...2.4lbs lighter already. :eek:)
Hey thanks, peony - here's hoping! :D

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