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snow_white78's diary

Thought I would join in with this diary lark! Then if i'm doing it wrong someone can tell me!

Breakfast: Bowyers sausages (had 2 so 1 sin), Turkey rashers, lots of beans (2 HEXb) cup of tea with milk from HEXA
Snacks - grapes, Mullerlight, 2 babybel minis (HEXA) Glass of s milk (rest of HEXA) Diet cherry coke.
Tea (missed dinner as was grazing through afternoon, naughty me) Turkey and pepper kebabs (made by marinating turkey in yoghurt and various spices, garlic etc) served with vlf yoghurt, cucumber and spring onions and cherry tomatoes.
Evening - 3 glasses of wine - 12 sins, Options white choc (yum!) 2 sins

15 sins! hurrah!

think will do red again today - find them quite hard work so mostly green through week :)

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Today I have had a red day, was supposed to be going to a buffet but couldn't make it so have managed to be good afterall...


BGTY cereal bar


Turkey curry made with half a jar of WW korma (5 sins) and with a mini naan (4 sins)

Home made icecream - muller and lf fromage frais with grapes and rasperries
Laughing cows (HEXA)
Options Belgian choc 2 sins
Glass of milk (HEXA)

Quorn sausage and turkey rasher sandwich - made with HEXB bread

11 sins so far, and enough time this evening to use up my last 4 on a 125ml glass of dry white!!:)

Another red day - thought would give them a try for a bit :)


Slice of toast from HEXB and 1 laughing cow ex light HEXA
Glass of milk HEXA

Cereal bar Sains BGTY when got to work

Laughing cow ex lights from HEXA allowance, 2 satsumas

Quorn sausages and turkey rashers
cold from last night in 2 slices of WW brown danish from HEX B
VLF nat yog with banana, raspberries and blackberries



Sirloin steak, yummy! and mushrooms in fry light and yoghurt, cucumber and spring onion type sauce dip thing
Skinny cow triple choc lolly - 4.5 sins i think
Glass of white wine 4 sins

9.5 sins - hurrah!!

Just pondering what to take for lunch tomorrow :)

So far today (another red day)

Options white choc drink 2.5 sins
Grapes, quark and yoghurt

Cereal bar when got to work HEXB


Bit of a mixmatch of quorn sausages, tinned salmon and veg
2 ryvitas (HEXB) with laughing cow (HEXA)
Mixed berries

Not sure what having for tea yet, but am blooming starving!

Another red day, am running out of meat in the house though so am having a green tomorrow! TOTM so want to eat own arm at the moment

No time as slept in lol so a cereal bar when I got to work. (HEXB)

Crumpet with tiny amount of lf marge (4 for crumpet, 2 ish for marge?)
2 ryvitas with 1 vlf laughing cow (6 sins)
2 babybels (HEXA)
Strawberries with some vlf yoghurt
carton of the kids milk at school (189ml semiskimmed ) HEXA


3 slices WW brown danish toasted (HEXB) with last nights salmon fillet smeared on, carrots and mushrooms
Vanilla mullerlight

Chicken fillets with mushrooms and peppers (lots of)

Wish I didn't have huge appetite with monthly visitor!!!
Bit piddled off today as is weigh in day and not lost a jot :-( Have stuck to the plan 100% but is TOTM - wondering if will lose it next week? Will have to stick to plan 100% this week and see if some comes off next Saturday :)

Yesterday I had:

Grapes and lf yoghurt
Slice of toast with laughing cow (from HEXs)

Snacks through day
A bowyers sausage (1/2 sin)
Ovaltine white choc drink (2 and 1/2 sins)
Diet coke
tea and coffee with milk from allowance HEXA

2 sausages in hexB bread

Bolognaise with stock cube (1/2 sin) with handful of mozarella (3 and 1/2 sins)

Wasn't terribly hungry as getting cold and had horrible period pains (feeling sorry for self!) so only had 7 sins - but making up for that tonight with some vino ;-)
You're right in that it's probably the TOTM that's stopped you from losing anything. You'll probably have a nice loss next week :) Good luck! :)
boogar! stood on scales this morning and have lost a pound! (day later than weigh in!) But still v pleased :)

yesterday had a flexiday as my friend was here and we had a day of drinking and girlie dvds! Worked it out at about 43 sins but was prob actually more but only flexisin once in a while:

2 meatfree burgers in 2 slices of WW bread with 2 dairylea light slices (HEXA and B)
BGTY cereal bar (HEXB)
Options mint madness
2 finger kit kat
2 white choc cookies from Asda
2 large bottles of beer(!)
Bolognaise with mozarella (HEXA) a tiny amount of pasta
bottle of vino!

Today slightly hungover and wanted to eat my own arm but have been good(ish)

2 finger kit kat (5 and 1/2 sins)
Bowyers sausages (2 sins) in 2 slices of WW bread
Diet cherry coke (rubbish brekkie but severe munchies)

Roast potatoes (SW way - HEXB)
Yorkshire pudding (Aunt Bessie) 2 and 1/2 sins
Gravy made with bovril stock cube 1/2 sin

So far 10 and a half sins. Still starving, going to go and eat a big bowl of strawberries with some yoghurt, have eaten hardly any free food this weekend. Going to make some nice stuff to take to work with me this week tonight :)
Haven't posted in my diary for a while so I think I will:

Green day today

2 crumpets (10 sins)
2 tsp WW jam (1 sin)

Asda BGTY Tomato and basil soup (HEXB)

Huge bowl of rice pudding made with rice, milk (HEXA) water, sweetener, nutmeg.
Tea with 1 sugar (1 sin)
Loads of squash
2 Alpen lights

Think tea will be roasted veg and some more rice pudding with some berries chucked in :)

so 12 sins today
Had a red day today

Mini mars bar (whoops, i know...4 and 1/2 sins)

Snack - Alpen light x 2 (HEXB)

Salmon, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and vlf cottage cheese

Omelette, mushrooms, spring onions, turkey rashers, mozarella (HEXA)
Glass of milk (HEXA)

Only had 4 and a half sins and 1 HEXB - got nibbles a little now though...
I know - wasn't my finest moment! :)
Yesterday was not a fabtastic day foodwise....was in a crappy mood and just couldn't be bothered. But had weighed in and lost 3lbs. Will be a good girl today...
2 alpen lights
2 slices of toast (HEB) with Laughing Cows (HEXA)
Pasta and sauce (chicken and garlic)

Mini milky way 3 and 1/2 sins
8 starbursts (8 sins)
and half a bag of unfinished croutons i found in fridge (3 sins - whole bag was about 6 i think)

So I didn't go over but i had no nutritious food whatsoever. Am in a better mood today and not going to punish myself. Having a red day today, and got some frozen veg and some chicken so going to make a stirfry for my lunch. Just done a pilates class at the gym so feeling fairly good (but achy!)
Today is a red day:

Brekkie - banana
Lunch - sausages and egg - (3 sins for sausages)
Snacks - 2 alpen lights, 1 bag of ryvita minis, 1 skinny latte from Starbucks - 5 sins

Not sure what to have for tea - may have pork stirfry... Don't eat a lot on a weekend, me bad!

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