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Snuggles ban the binge diary!


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My biggest problem has always been binge eating...I would miss lunch and dinner just so I could sit and eat crap for the rest of the evening, crisps and chocolate were my worst enemies!

I originally lost almost 9 stone 5 years ago and on the whole have managed to keep most of it off, my husband left me for a bigger woman 3 years ago, and I guess through feeling sorry for myself and being lonely I put 2 stone back on...and for the last 6 months of last year just denied It was all getting out of control again, huge packs of kettle crisps every night and maltesers or jaffa cakes.
Well on 5th January this year I decided that this is going to be my year, I am going to lose the 2 stone I put back on...and hopefully a further 2 on top of that!
I have been following the bodychef low carb plan, which is brilliant for me as although its expensive as everything is prepared for me its nice and simple. I have so far lost 22lbs and although its slowing down now Im still losing. I still get the binge cravings though, and have a couple of times given in to them, then beaten myself up for days afterwards!
Well this week is going to be my last on the bodychef plan, as I just cant justify the cost so tomorrow night I am going to go to my first ever slimming world meeting, Im more nervous than I have ever been for anything in my life. But I need to do this to help me keep on track, as I dont have anyone to support me when I have bad days.
The menu plan for the rest of my week until Friday is

Breakfast - Orange and kiwi salad, 20g cashew nuts
Lunch - Oatcakes x 2, shredded chicken spread, 50g cherry tomatoes
Dinner - Turkey escalope with chestnut mushrooms and sherry, 100g broccoli, and 100g cabbage
Desert - Jelly with fruit

Breakfast - Bodychef low carb museli, apple
Lunch - 1 slice ham, 1 slice cheese, 1 slice seeded bread, 50g cherry tomatoes
Dinner - Sir fry chicken and vegetables
Desert-Mocha brownie

Breakfast - Bodychef special cereal, natural yogurt
Lunch - Crudites, 2 x oatcakes, smoked salmon pate
Dinner - Chilli loco, 25g grated cheese, 100g brocolli
Desert - Fruit jelly

Breakfast - Natural yogurt, berry compote, 20g sunflower seeds
Lunch - coronation chicken, mixed leaf and tomato salad
Dinner - meatloaf, 100g brocolli, 100g cauliflower,
Desert- Apple, 40g cheese portion

Breakfast - Bodychef low carb museli, apple
Lunch - 115g carrot batons, Hummus 60g, 2 x ryvita

So onwards and upwards, and lets hope another week binge free....but I wont hold my breath!
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Hi Snuggle,

9 stone - what an amazing loss! Well done keeping most of it off as well. 2 stone gain is not much considering how much you lost and you are nearly rid of them now anyway! I'll keep an eye on your diary, really interested how you'd deal with the binge issue. My main problem as well and even though I was on food packs last 8 weeks still managed to binge on those on occasion... :eek:

Anyway good luck and keep us posted.



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I thought I was the only one who binged like this, how do you get through it? My biggest issue is evenings when I am alone and lately if i get one I tend to go to bed...which really isnt the answer. My worst night is a sunday for some obscure reason.


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Well todays the day I am going to go to a slimming world meeting for the first time ever, really nervous but I cant afford to stay on the bodychef plan, its fantastic and really works for me but way out of my budget for a regular way of eating. Im just going to have to follow set menus on SW and hope that I can stick to them like I have with bodychef!

No thoughts of binging so far this morning, I am going to have a massive clear out today in my wardrobes....everything thats to big is going then I cant put the weight back on as I wont have anything that fits me! Freecycle is going to be busy later with all the clothes on offer!
I thought I was the only one who binged like this, how do you get through it? My biggest issue is evenings when I am alone and lately if i get one I tend to go to bed...which really isnt the answer. My worst night is a sunday for some obscure reason.
Yes I only tend to binge in the evenings as well. In fact I hardly ever feel hungry or tempted until after 7-8pm. I sort of worked out the reason for it. I'm busy all day working, doing school runs, taking kids to classes, cooking, etc. Then they are in bed 7pm and MY time starts. I feel like I need to indulge and make the most out of it. So far I found no way of dealing with it.

Some things help sometimes. I noticed if I had a proper biggish meal around 5pm followed by a delayed pudding around 6pm I'm not really hugry until 10pm and by then it's easier to resist as so close to bed time. Also watching telly = having a snack for me and that's the hard one to break. But if I do my nails at the same time or have a laptop on my lap that helps a little.

Anyway hope your meeting went ok and you got your menu plans. Is bodychef the same as dietchef?



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I have found my laptop is my salvation, defo helps, or I read!
Bodychef is very different from diet chef the food is all freshly cooked and fantastic, I have done dietchef and lost interest in the food in the end.
I did go to the slimming world class and was sooo nervous but it was fine and really glad I have taken the plunge....onwards and upwards now for me
blimey, just looked at their website - nearly £100 a week? That's two thirds of our weekly food shopping for a family of four.. Very pricey indeed.. :D
I'm glad the class went fine and best of luck with the plan!

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