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So Angry I Could Scream!!


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
I had the biggest row ever with my babys dad tonight. We split up at the beginning of last month and he's been wanting us to keep trying and to see how we go til February, but to be honest, I've had enough.
I got called the C word because of difference of opinion and when I was reading my refeed paperwork out to him earlier he on, he seemed so uninterested, then decided to say that the refeed side of it sounded like a total con!!
Well I'm sorry but I beg to differ, after jumping off LT 3 times for various reasons and returning to regular food without doing the refeed programme, I gained weight.
The refeed programme is designed to get your body used to food again slowly without the excessive weight gain.
He said, but surely when refeeding you could leave out the shakes. Yes OK love, you wrote the LT programme did you?? I'm pretting effing certain that if the shakes could be left out, then guess what, they wouldn't be on the effing refeed menu in the first place!!
He said ohhh it's a waste of money buying more shakes for the refeed.
Oh really, so wouldn't you be in the opinion it's a waste of money now?? No, didn't think so!!

I am so angry, he didn't even read the paperwork, didn't even listen to what I was saying, just decided to assume he knew what the situation was and because my opinion differed to his, I got called the C word.

Yeah ok love, and you wonder why I don't want to be with you??

Sorry, but I'm trying so hard to do this diet, trying so hard to plan my refeed sensibly so I don't go nuts. I am trying my utmost to get myself into a sensible eating pattern and comments like that just get on my nerves!!

Rant over....and breeeeeeeeeeathe!
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Abbie, most things I could forgive....men, after all, are from another planet and when you're as old as me, 50, you'll no longer even bother trying to understand them. My OH 'knows' so much about 'everything'.....I switched off about 10 years ago!

But calling you a c***, I'm sorry, but that is totally beyond the pale. Any man who can use that kind of language to a woman that he supposedly loves is not, in my opinion, a real man.

Ditch the tosser, sweetheart, you deserve a whole lot better and he's not even second or third best x
Firstly Abbie hun...nobody has the right to speak to you like that father on not father on your baby.....

Secondly, as Sandra said...some men are from a different planet and never understand.

Thirdly, you have everything going for you....you are doing your best to improve your life....you don't need a person like that to bring in any negativity in you life!!!

You have every right to be angry.....don't stick up for it and most importantly you can rise above it!!!


addicted to minimins!!
Thats disgraceful!

Im with the other two on this,Any person who can use that language with you is not worth your time. I understand its going to be hard with your baby in between, but focus on yourself. You are doing this for yourself and just focus on that. Some people just dont understand this, but you know what,, you know what is right, and you just keep doing what your doing and youll get there.. Chin up girlie.. I know its frustrating and horrible for him to treat you like that, just show you can do it, and youll show him where to shove it...
keep at it and show him whos boss :)... *HUGS* *HUGS* *HUGS*

:) x
Hi Abbie, i'm sorry for reading this. It takes a lot of strength to stick to these diets and you need support not insults. He obviously has absolutely no understanding how hard it is, i notice you had a little boy in May - Congratulations!! We had a little boy on the 20th June so they are quite close in age :) To do this diet so soon after having a baby I admire you, i am in the same boat! It is so hard, you are making positive steps to improve your life and your health and you will get there.
Stay strong, Mini Mins is always here for you :)
Luv Chesca x


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
I hate that word at the best of times but to actually have him call me it, just upset me more than his ignorance about the refeed programme.
Just wish for once I could have him say well, you do what you need to to make sure you don't fall back into bad habits. But no, he has to put it down.
He's going round today as though nothing has happened whilst i'm giving the silent treatment.
Abbie, what he called you is definitely unforgivable, no ifs or buts....

If i remember correctly it was you who finished it, and maybe (although it does not excuse his foul mouth!) you are going to have to tread carefully as you are both in different places emotionally.. You knew the relationship had to end, but he really didn't want it to.... He will still be hurting (partly cos he didn't want to lose you, and partly cos he is a male and they think that throwing a paddy will get them their own way) and his way of getting back at you is being disinterested and downright nasty!!

I had t he same problem with an ex partner.. I was regularly called a fat c***, effing useless and noone would ever want me.... I am now married to a gorgeous man 9 years younger than me, with 3 beautiful [STRIKE]pains in the ar8e[/STRIKE] kids!! lol.. And where is he? Single, jobless and about 22 stone with a face like a basketball......KARMA!! lol

The best thing you can do is ignore him.. Like children he is after your attention, good or bad.. Don't give in to him hun.. You are worth more than that, and you are doing a fantastic job, with your diet and your son, and don't let him chip away at your confidence, cos if someone puts you down long enough you can end up believing it!!

You are a beautiful, wonderful woman and mother.. He has issues!!!!


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
I did finish it and unfortunately, circumstances have meant we still have to live together due to not being able to afford to live separately right now. Hopefully once Christmas and New Year is out of the way, I can get cracking with finding a job and getting myself out of here.
Only thing left to sort then will be access to Ethan, I don't want to go to court, I'd prefer to arrange a pattern suitable for both where we both get to see Ethan as much as possible but knowing him and my luck, he'll want to drag this out and make it as hard as possible. Annoys me really because it really doesn't need to be like that. Thanks for all your kind words though, means a lot.

:)O Abs it must be difficult still living together but his language is disgusting and simply unacceptable!

On the plus side it sounds very much like you have total control and he doesn't like it one bit. You dumped him and now you're taking control of your weight. He can see the end of the road looming and doesn't like it at all.

Keep strong and ignore his ridiculous attitude re re-feed.

Kirstie x :)

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