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So annoyed

Thanks. I bloody hope so. I was just so pleased with myself thought I was doing so well - its disheartening to see no movement on the scales. I will keep going and hope that next weeks wi has a better result!
Thats just sh*it isnt it!

Still you did everything right, did you speak to your leader or are you going it alone? There may be something your doing not doing that you dont realise and it may have effected this WI

Tomorrow is another day but look at it this way your not heavier! No gain for you to feel upset about. If you can manage to keep to the plan until you do see a loss it may just be a brilliant loss.

i would really stick to your guns and force this weight off you by keeping to the plan.

Reach for a carrot stick and keep your chin up :)


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
apparently if you dont lose one week you lose double/more the next week. thats the general rule i find on here.
Thanks guys! Im doing it at home so no leader to ask - but as I have done it before Im pretty sure Im doing it right. I have a ww calculator and if I ate somehting I wasnt sure of points wise I always rounded it up to be on the safe side. Am not going to reach for the biscuit tin just yet. Actually had 1 point homemade veg soup for dinner and a ww sandwich so am being extra good. Hopefully Il come back here next week with a better result. Cheers again for the replys I feel better already!


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I know exactly how you feel as I have been in exactly the same position! Although I am doing it alone now, I have, in the past attended a meeting and the first week, despite keeping within my points, I lost nothing, the next week I lost half a lb and the next week I lost 4lb! It can be very disheartening, especially when others lose several pounds in their first week, but we are all different. I am really slow at losing the lbs and I have just accepted that this is the way my body works - years ago I lost 3 stone with WW after having my son, so I know it works, but it took me ages. Stick with it and don't give up - also remember that sometimes you can lose inches although the scales don't show a loss. Also, don't know if you have a diary on here, but I find peoples comments on my diary a real help.

All the best for next weeks WI.

Don't worry about no loss it will come off if you follow the plan & keep an eye on your points
I don't know but if you are like me just before I started I had a huge binge for a couple of days prior to re-starting so my 1st week loss will show that on the scales
Good luck


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Soz you were dissapointed with your 0 loss but at lest you didnt +1lb you maintined! Woop to that! I would go with what Elkay said and start a food diary in the forums. That way you get support and if your going wrong anywhere and dont see it, there will be people who can help you spot it. Best of luck for next week x
Good stuff gangie, your on your way down


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woop woop 3lb loss. well done. xxx
could it be due to your time of the month x
Hi guys, even better news! I posted yday to say I lost 3 lns but I weighed myself on my friends scales - today I went into the boots I usually use, and hey presto, Im down 6lbs!!! So happy!!!

P.s How do I change my ticker thing??!!


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Well Done!!! 6lb is a great loss. Woop Woop!

You should be able to change your ticker by clicking on it and putting in your personal password that you used when you made it x
OMG brilliant news!!! :D6 Whoop Whoops:D for you

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