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So annoyed!!

I'm a big girl. I never did exercise and have tried all diets going. I started weight watchers and in 3 weeks have lost 8lbs. I joined a gym, have been going 3 times a week for 40 mins each time. Which is good as used to do NO exercise! Have been counting my points religiously. My gym is ok but my personal trainer is a bit wishy washy. Went for my weigh in today and he tells me I have put on 2.5lbs!! I came home and cried, but when I checked my WW app I had stayed the same! I had updated it from the last time I got weighed at the gym. So do I go by that and my "own eyes" when I checked the scales I had stayed the same! I came home and was so upset. 2 and a half pound is a hell of a lot!!
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Hmmm i'm sorry to hear that but don't get upset really, scales change so thats one reason. Water could be another although i'm not sure it would make a 2.5lb difference.

Are you using all your points, weeklys aswell?
You may well find you'll have a good loss next week, don't let it knock you down carry on your good work :) x
It could be because your gaining muscle and muscle weighs more then fat.
it is gutting though!! because u exspect to see less on the scales when your working so hard... dont give up though be porud of what you have managed and what you are doing im sure you look great.
My advice would be to not always focus on the numbers (I know its hard not to). It could be water or as previously said muscle. Keep it up because in the long run it will only benefit you by helping your weight losses and by toning you up.

I like you am big and had an aversion to exercise but have started this week and I've already come to terms with the fact I might show a gain this week due to the exercise even though i'm within points but if I do gain i'm sure i'll have a good loss the following week because of the exercise. I'm sure you'll see a loss next WI too x
Well done!!!
4lbs is brill.

there is a group of ladies at my class who have started exercising and their losses have slowed right donw-leader cant reallygive them an answer but it's not the 1st time I have come accross the situation.

Keep exercising as it's good for your health, but maybe accpet that it might affect your weight loss and if it does,it's not just you !
Hiya, A big well done for actually starting exercising. That's the hardest part done! When you first begin to exercise and your body isn't used to it, you retain water, usually for the first 3 weeks. After 3 weeks your body will release it as it did before you started the exercise but you will shed a lot more fat too. Keep up the hard work and the exercise and you'll have a lot more 4lb off weeks!!
Good luck with it all hun x
Without a doubt this is muscle gain! Look on it as a positive thing, muscles burn calories even when you are not moving so the more you have the more calories you are burning in the long term. Job well done I say :)

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