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Back after 6 years of ups and downs...
Ok so I weighed myself today for first time in about a month to see how things were going, and to my annoyance I've gone from 14 stone to 15 stone! :mad:

Thing is, I havent changed anything, I'm still on my 1400cal diet, and running 2 miles daily, I have started protein shakes (which are worked into my calorie diet), and worked my arms much harder, to which i've gained some muscle as I can clearly see it, but a stone of muscle :confused: don't think it is!!!! My clothes havent got any tighter (slightly looser if anything) and I cant and nor can others see I've put on any more weight, just so puzzled!!!

Just so annoyed needed a rant lol.
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Poor you!! However stone of muscle is good though??


Back after 6 years of ups and downs...
Heya :)

Well I weighed myself again today after vigourous run and rehydrated myself, and turns out the difference is only 6 pounds, so i presume the 6 pound is to do with the muscle, and the rest was water retention since, I know I ate a lot of sodium over the few days just gone. So perhaps not as bad as I thought :) and as you say the inches havent increased at all. Thanks peeps, hope your both gettin on well? x
Wow Scotty, 140lb!!! That's so amazing! Well done!!
Maybe your body is holding on to the weight a bit more now, as you are on a VLCD especially since you're a bloke. And especially with you weight training etc. Maybe you need to up your cals slighty?
Well done though on your loss so far, how long has it taken you? xx


Back after 6 years of ups and downs...
Thanks pumpkin :) the thing with upping again is im worried that as I add, so to will the weight, even though i'm eatin GDAs, I know i'm gonna have to do it gradually but i've got to take that step and a bit worried too for a lil while lol have to build up to it.

I started in Aug 2008, and so I think that makes it about 1 yr 6 months? Definately feel much better for it :)

You copin ok? x
Yes thanks, restarted Jan and lost 15lb so far so happy with that, I'm having about 1500-1600 a day and exercising about 4000-6000 cals a week. Although this week have been eating quite a bit over my cals, but aw well, I guess I'll have weeks like that lol.
I know what you mean about scared to up your cals, I've been there a few times afer LL, CD, LipoT, etc, but I think your body will just take a while to get used to it and then lose again. I found this was the case for me anyway.
What would you eat typically now in a day?
i don't know how you do it lol, I find it tough some days sticking to 1500! lol xx


Back after 6 years of ups and downs...
Thats great hun, well done, brilliant loss!

I started out on 1000 kcal and was burning 500 kcal of those of running so was essentially on 500 kcal a day back for about the first 5 months, then i upped it to 1200 kcal, and stuck with the exercise and kept losing, so decided around my 16 stone mark it would be ok to up it again to 1400kcal and have been there ever since. Also started weight lifting more at that stage and doin protein shakes.

I typically eat, high protein low fat really. Typical day tends to consist of 4 salmon fillets, chicken breast, some weight watchers bread (chicken sandwiches), raisins (which i just love lol) and generally 2-3 salads. Its quite bland and boring to a lot of people but I quite like the taste of all of these foods so i'm able to happily eat them.

We all have those wanting to go over days though :) I certainly do have them, and sometimes do have to eat something when im really hungry, were only human after all lol, what about you? whats your typical day? And I take it your on a LCD now instead of LL/lipotrim etc?