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So confused about Kick Start...


The old me is coming back
Hi There,

I have been very bad at updating my diary and thread on here recently so will try and update today. Meanwhile i have a question. I have been calorie counting since beginning of Feb and lost over a stone before i decided to join WW 2 weeks ago. I lost 2 pounds on my first week and then missed last week as i was away. My next WI is on Tuesday.
I decided to do the kick start plan for a couple of weeks on Tuesday this week as i have a couple of free weekends. So, i started on Tuesday using 18 points (i am 14.13 at the moment :(), should i have used more? Then yesterday i was in a friends house and wound up eating 22 points, have i ruined the whole week?
Is kick start following the specific recipes in the kick start booklet or just using reduced points? I have been very good the last 2 weeks and feel like nothing is happening (am bloated and horrible) and to be honest i feel like eating a big breakfast roll, god where did that come from..:cry::cry:Anyway, all help appreciated!:break_diet:
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Likes to eat
aw Mitten sweetheart!! hope your ok x

I have good new for you!!!!

Kickstart states that if your over 14 stone you should be on 22 points per day.

If your under 14stone you should be on 18.

Anyway, your over 14 so obviously you SHOULD have been eating the 22 anyway (any less you wont have a good loss!!!) sooooo..
if you've only ate 18 a day for Tuesday and Wednesday, you have then SAVED 8 points and did perfectly (spot on!!) yesterday!!

Woo hoo!!!

have a treat with those saved points tonight, girl!! - you're doing brilliant!!!

(p.s. just to let you know, I did kickstart 2 weeks ago and lost 6lbs in a week woo hoo!!)


The old me is coming back
6 pounds in a week?? That’s blinking brilliant!! Was that your first week?
So 22, a little voice in my head is saying stick with 18, it’s less and you will thus loose more??
I think I am just so so fed up today and feel like I am going to be counting points etc and getting no where for ever, apologies for being so negative. I am also a bit PMS so I am sure that doesn’t help!!
Thanks Hunni!
So 22, a little voice in my head is saying stick with 18, it’s less and you will thus loose more??
Thanks Hunni!
NO NO NO NO NO Ignore it. Its a common misconception that eating less means lose more, in fact the opposite is the case. If you eat too little Your body can go into starvation mode and that will really screw up your wi result. Whatever your points allowance is - stick to it
Hi Mitten

Can I ask how you found calorie counting? I was doing Weight Watchers but found my losses weren't great...so decided to give calorie counting a bash! Thought it'd give better results and also it makes you more aware of fat because Weight Watchers only calculates points on non saturated fat and so not really taking any notice of saturated fat you're consuming...can't be good?!!

Anywho just wondered what your losses were like whilst calorie counting and how you figured out how many cals you should have...

Thanks and good luck with WW!! :eek:)


The old me is coming back
I found calorie counting pretty good - i was sticking to between 1200 and 1600 calories per day, depending on weekend etc. I paid no attnetion to fat though, just calories.
I started on 1 Feb at 16.1 and started WW at 15.3 so nearly a stone in approx 6 weeks (i was not good 100%!)So i would give it a bash if WW is not working, how long have you been trying WW?
Thanks Starlight and bloody well done to you. I am so confused right now, i have been under eating my points all the time, trying to stick to approx 22, even though have only recently gone into the 14 stone bracket. I just want to loose this horrible weight and figure eating less means loosing more ala the Cambridge diet.

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