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So cross with myself!

I am so cross and fed up with myself!

We had a family party this weekend, and I was really good all day..avoided all the bad food being passed about..but at night I gave in and had :

2 bacardi breezers; 1 red wkd; 1 vodka mixer thingy; 2 peach schnapps and lemonade and a big sausage roll and a very small piece of birthday cake.


Roll on the next day and the scales are up massively (but I did avoid all the lovely bacon/sausages/fried eggs etc being passed around this morning.)

I'm really cross with myself, and if I have gained tomorrow I'll be gutted...it'll just be a complete waste of a week of being really good.

Sorry for moaning :eek:
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all for my little man x
We all have to let our hair down sometimes! It is not a waste of a week as if you had eaten all the other treats the scales would have been far worse, you exercised restraint!!! Last week I had my first proper evening off plan where I just ate what I wanted when we had an indian takeaway, but because the rest of the week I had been really good I still lost 2 pounds :) Don't let a few drinks knock you off completely xxx
Hi hun. Couple of things - why did u get pn the scales this morning - was it weigh in day - if not then i'm confused why you would get on them if you had eaten/ drunk off plan last night? Second - food shouldn't be good or bad - its just fuel at the end of the day so stop thinking about it in good & bad terms as it encourages you to think that going off plan is bad and psycologically, this makes it more difficult to get back on plan if you are the kind of person who berates yourself when you go off plan(i reckon this applies to most of us) Finally - well done for making an on plan choice this morning and not having the bacon etc etc. Draw a line under last night and don't worry about it anymore. Hope next weigh in goes well x


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hi, agree with the others, don't beat yourself up, you did well getting right back on track. Good luck with weigh-in:D


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don't worry about it, it could have been much worse. we all have to treat ourselves, the best part is when we can brush it off and move on, that takes more control. well done and good luck for wi :)


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So you celebrated a little - it's life - things come up that need to be celebrated once in a while and you got back on track the next morning. One "bad" day does not a ruined week maket afterall.

Slimming World/Food Optimising is a lifestyle, not some restrictive prison sentence - once in a blue moon treats are allowed, and if you've had a gain when you get on the scales tomorrow - then you know why and you know it won't be repeated for at least a while.

You had a few alcoholic drinks which would have made you dehydrated - the bodies first reaction to that is to hang onto any water it can - which is going to put your weight up this morning hence your scales (which won't be the same as your weigh-in scales - unless you're doing this at home) will be out considerably.
Thank you all for your kind words, and I really am sorry for moaning.

I should not have got on the scales I know (and I've tried to encourage others on here not to, so I know how wrong it is) - I just gave in to it.

We have a big family party (old fashioned vintage tea party) in July, 3 months away, and I've set myself a target of being able to fit into a lovely dress for it - think maybe I'm just expecting too much and being unrealistically hard on myself.

Plus there was another family member there who has effortlessly lost loads of weight, and I think it made me realise how far I have to go/upset me a bit, if that makes any sense...plus, mysteriously the family seem to be very for her weight loss but feel that I should not be losing as much as I hopoe to..whuch is really strange cos I am huge (and she started off a lot smaller than me)..I don't understand really.
Oh,don't be hard on yourself. I was at my parents diamond wedding anniversary party last night and had loads of wine - didn't even try to syn it up. Tried to exercise a bit of restraint with the food tho. It was a buffet with quiches etc. Stuck to pasta salad and cold meats, also a cuople of mini pork pies, but didn't give in to the lovely lovely cheesesn and dips!!!!!!
Back on track today.WI on Wed - wish me luck:)


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We have a big family party (old fashioned vintage tea party) in July, 3 months away, and I've set myself a target of being able to fit into a lovely dress for it - think maybe I'm just expecting too much and being unrealistically hard on myself.
Is the target you've given yourself a realistic one? Is it one, that you are going to easily achieve or do you think - based on your current losses that it's going to be a struggle?

If it's going to truly be a struggle - then re-assess - there's no point setting yourself up for failure. There is also maybe a need to set a smaller interim target to hit - if you're finding it too much to look at your July target and thinking "i'm never going to get there" - then set a series of smaller challenges - 7lb a time maybe?

As to the family and what they were saying - ignore it - you are doing this for you and not anyone else and will know when you're happy. And when you get there and they see the changes in you (and not just in terms of size) - I'm sure they'll be happy for you too.
I've lost 1 lb, so not so bad after all :)

Ian, I definitely won't be where I want to be by the time July comes, but if I keep at the rate I am just now (hopefully it won't slow down any cos it is already quite slow) then I may be lucky enough to have lost 3 stone by then and while I'll still have a long way to go a prettier dress than I could get into right now is definitely an option.

I just need to focus and work harder.

Thanks all and God bless x

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