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so disappointed

Just been to WI and i've gained 1/2lb. I know it isn't much but it's so disheartening, when i've been good.

I tried EE for the first time for this week, now i'm wondering if i've messed that up somehow or whether it just is not for me.

I'm also wondering whether it may be xmas and new year catching up with me.

Anyway here i go again. Definately sticking to a red day today
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I know it's disheartening! I put on 1lb one week and I'd been soooo good I was gutted!! It's what you do over a long period of time that makes the difference! If you're following the plan the results will definitely show!! You should look at how well you've done so far! 13lb is a great loss! I was gutted last week because I was 1/2 lb off my stone, having lost 1 1/2 over Christmas but that was in 3 weeks of not weighing so I may have had a gain in one of those weeks without knowing it! But last night I was over the moon as I lost a whopping 4 1/2, my biggest loss yet! I think the journey is a bit of a rollercoaster- some weeks you'll be a bit disappointed and others you'll be ecstatic when you have a good one!! It's just the 'weigh' it goes and depends on so many factors! The main thing is that you're going in the right direction! Stay focused and you'll defo get there!!!X


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Aww hun don't be too down. It could be a combination of things catching you up and the change to EE.

I don't do EE but maybe post an example of a food diary so people can give guidance? x


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I do EE and think that the change between the original diet and EE can have a short term effect as you are eating differently, and really think that if you stick with ee for another few weeks - your body will readjust and start losing again.

we are very complex, and as I have said before, no set of scales can account for that.

I am really an EE advocat and supporter, because I really beleive it will be more effective long term, as you are not restricting food groups, when you 'stop dieting' you wont be going back to something you have abstained from - as you have eaten a full range of everyday food all along, I am really hoping that this is the diet for life for me.

its still early days, but aside from starving myself on Lipotrim eating like a mouse on sureslim, this is the most enjoyable and most effective diet I have ever tried!
I find that my losses do slow down with EE, but saying that last week I had 2 days mid week of EE and it was ok. I usually do Red and 1 day Green a week as any more slows my losses and I have even been known to have a gain.
If you can, I would stick to as many red days as you can this week and have a Red day the day before your weigh in...this will make sure that there isnt as many carbs left in your system and make you weigh heavier.
Eat a lot more super speed foods when you do EE too.



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It seems true that EE does work better for some than others.

But before you decide it doesn't work there are a few things I would recommend:

> As you said it could just be the Christmas and New Year period catching up, so maybe commit to at least another 2 weeks on EE to give you a better idea
> It could also be that you have misunderstood something or got something slightly wrong with EE, and the best way to sort that out is to post your food diaries daily. It can be a bit of a pain, but if you do then you have what amounts more or less to hundreds of sets of eyes checking it over and if you have strayed off the path a little you can be set straight pretty quickly. When I first started my diary I was always getting bits wrong but the friendly folks on here soon put me right.

Incidentally I have been on SW since late September, and STILL keep a food diary, as I find it so useful.

All the best :)
I agree with all the above, I often get on the scales & think 'it's a little rollercoaster'!

I have tried EE a few times & each time I've had a gain. Needless to say I just don't do it now. But that doesn't mean it won't work for you.

I would definately recommend keeping a food diary, either on SW, here or your own paper one. I keep a food diary, my WI is a Thursday and I also make a note of my weight & how many syns I had left on the diary. So when I've had a loss I can look back & see what I did for that week.
Thanks for all your support and advice. I have decided i will stick with ee this week and see how it goes. I will also start a food diary on here starting today. I think i have probably messed it up somewhere along the lines this week. I really want it to work for me as many have said its a life long change and if it does work i can happily stick to it for life. Will give it the benefit of the doubt. Please check out my diarys and shout at me if i'm going wrong.
For those who gain on EE, what does your consultant say? (for those who go to group?) There must be a reason why people gain on EE and say it's not for them. I can't understand why this would happen, especially when SW are making it their main plan.
There must be something creeping in somewhere? I'm a big follower of the 3rd superfree rule, always have done this and I really believe this is essential for EE to work well.
Well done for giving it another go, it will work, there's no reason why it shouldn't hun! Do a copy of the food diary for your consultant too so she can see if you are going wrong anywhere.
Jaylou, even though I dont go to class, I had mum take my sheet into the consultant to have a look over and she couldnt see what was wrong with it. I was eating the quantities that I was supposed to and eating loads of super free foods, but still had no joy..I think its just a matter of carbs. Im the same with Green Days.

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