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So disappointed :-(

I've done 59 days on exante at 100% but blew it today :-(

I'm so disappointed in myself.

Blood tests say I don't have a latex allergy, but my body says different. I attempted to blow a balloon up for my little girl but ended up with my throat doing a weird tingly thing and my chest feeling tight so it was hard to breathe. I took a couple of piriton and it helped. My chest is still a bit sore and I'm a bit light headed but other than that I feel fine.

We're on our way to ikea and hubby stopped at mcdonalds for some tea. He refused to move through the drive through until I ordered something (holding up the queue and blocking the drive through) so I ordered a chargrilled chicken salad without dressing. I only ate a bit of the chicken and some of the lettuce but I'm so disappointed in myself.

I posted yesterday (and thanks to all that replied, I don't want to bump it up again) but resisted ordering something whilst out.

I know I could have ordered something way worse but I hate the thought of being back at day one from tomorrow.

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Only eating chicken and lettuce shouldn't knock you out of ketosis!!!!!!!

Well done for going to maccy ds and only having the salad!!!! Don't dwell on it as you will be fine and not back to day one!! X
You haven't spoiled anything, I'm sorry your husband coerced you into ordering something, that's a very controlling thing for him to do. You are not back at day 1, there should be no reason for you to go out of ketosis, draw the line and move onwards. Don't let it mentally set you back.


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.............I agree with everyone Mum2Two I think instead of beating yourself up about it you should congratulate yourself for being so strong in a difficult situation. As said before you will not be knocked out of ketosis and you can carry on tomorrow guilt free. xx Well done you!!
That's what I was worrying about, being knocked out and having to start all over again.

Thank you all so much for replying.

I hope I didn't make him out to be controlling, he just wanted me to eat something so I wouldn't feel more dizzy and light headed than I did. He didn't want me passing out in ikea, lol. He wanted me to have something with chocolate in for the sugar but we settled on the salad! Hehe!


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It sounds like you made a sensible decision in the situation, and as you say your husband was only trying to look after you. It sounds like a good call, and as you say, hopefully you won't be out of ketosis. Hopefully when you get to your weigh in you'll see that it's all OK and the weight is still falling off. You're doing so well, good luck with getting to your next goal :)
I know I'm only new here, but wanted to post and say 'you're not back at day one! You've lost a HUGE amount of weight, one piddling chicken salad is not going to put that back on - please please don't beat yourself up, you are doing brilliantly!'.

As others say, salad leaves and chicken meat should not knock you out of ketosis, and the worst that it should do (if at all) is give you slightly less loss this week. really really don't stress, you are doing fab! Keep it up!

(If it makes you feel any better, after being on it for 40ish days, I will be going mental with food and booze for my wedding (in comparasion to a normal TS day lol), then back on it again the day after the day after. Its life - things happen - think long term, baby steps and how far you have come :D)
Ah sorry, I picked up the wrong end of the stick there, hadn't clicked to you still being dizzy, just thought it was part of a long and testing day for you. I can see why he was worried and would want you to eat something to stop you from keeling over.

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