So disheartened :-(


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Prepare for a mini-rant.

Had my first WI and I lost a grand total of...... 3lbs!!! That's it! I'm so gutted. :cry:

I know that 3lb is 3lb and it's going in the right direction but since it's normal to lose more in the first week than following weeks i'm just hoping i'm not going to be losing only 1 or 2lbs a week from now on.

Is it possible that some people cannot get into ketosis or will only ever be slightly into ketosis. I tested on Sun (day 6) and it showed up as 'trace' (but even that was debatable) but I would have thought that after a week of sticking to SS religiously I would be well into it? The only variation that I had was a spoonfull of coffee in my vanilla shake, the rest was just CD and water.

I know it's a little early to be getting worried about this but i'm just nervous that if I don't go into ketosis then my body will just go into starvation mode which will mess with my metabolism.

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How much weight are you aiming to lose and what is your BMI because my CDC said that how much weight you lose depends on that. Plus I have read on this forum that the weight might not actually drop off on the scales but if you measure yourself up you might see changes. Are you drinking enough water?


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Hi, I know you are disheartened but congratulations on losing 3lb.

Are you on SS, if so before you started did you eat less calories & carbs. If so you might have already lost water, before you started you the SS diet - you might have already been in a low state of Ketosis.
Remember when people loose big amounts on their first week, much of that is water & I think glycogen from the liver/muscles.
Like someone mentioned it can depend of your original BMI - a heavier person will loose weight quicker.
Does your CDC have body fat scales, as don't always rely on weight - you might find that you Fat Mass has gone down, by say 3lbs which is probably the same as someone who has lost water & glycogen & has lost about 7/8lbs in their first week.

The Ketosis test isn't always reliable & if you have been sticking 100% to the diet, you will be in Ketosis now.

I go to the gym alot (but I don't do much exercising!!!!! I think that's my problem) and I talk to some body builders & before they have a competition they slim down, to show more muscle definition - they normally do that by Ketosis. I have heard some people lose weight slowly at the start of a Ketosis diet, but over time their weekly losses increase - so you may be lucky. Most peoples slow down, but you may find yours will increase.


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Hi there,

Well done on your 3lbs and stick with it.... i know we all expect an amazing weight loss that 1st week but for some it takes until their 2nd or 3rd weeks to happen.... it may just be that your holding water this week, is it near totm, or have you had any problems "going"?

Jules x