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So down

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So im feeling proper down today. Had a bad day since the moment I woke up (late)!

A cyclist pulled out on me on the way to work and I nearly hit them, so they got a mouthful of abuse.

Got to work and that just went from bad to wrong.

Got home and my OH is still ill with flu (he has been like it for a week now) and im just so tired from lack of sleep due to him coughing. Im physically exhausted. I know it's not his fault he is ill but im starting to get narked off with him. I find myself constantly making sure he takes medication because he isnt taking it when he should. Ive been running to and from the shops getting things for him. I make dinner and then he decides he doesnt want to eat. I dont want to take it out on him and I love him to bits and hate seeing him unwell.

Think it's just a bad day for me today.

Sorry for the rant, cant really tell the OH how im feeling.

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Aww, for better or for worse Sarah-Jane. I'm sure he'd come through for you if it were the other way around;)
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Make some "me time" for you tonight, sit down, chill in the bath, read a book and so on. Do something that'll relax you. *sending hugs your way*

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Thanks all. I just made pepper and tomato soup again so will be having that with some turkey chunks tonight. OH has gone to bed so ive pored myself a Pepsi Max and settled down watching TV.


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Poor you - you usually sound so upbeat and chipper! Hope things get better with OH soon and that he feels obliged to make up for being poorly and bringing you down by spoiling you rotten! xx
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Cheers, ive just seen CP's post and al of a sudden my situation seems tiny and i sound like a right winger!
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Must be something about the grim grey day it's been today because I've been feeling really miserable all day for no reason!

Let's hope tomorrow's a bit brighter!!


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Hugs I think it's the weather
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Hi Hun
I hope u are feeling better now. I hate days like that where nothing seems to go right. I have them often (usually at work) as been feeling really down about it lately.
Get yourself a nice hot bubble bath and an early night with clean sheets and pjs, it always works a treat for me.
Big hugs xxxx

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