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.....SO FAR.....SO GOOD!!!!

:scale: So thrilled, that I'm still half a pound under 11 stone. :woohoo: My OH is also thoroughly enjoying his food, (even though they are non fat or very low fat versions of what I used to cook for us before) So my fears about losing control once I taste real food has so far been unfounded....BUT I mustn't become complacent, I know that I really have to embrace this healthier life-style permanantly!
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One last chance
I enjoyed healthy eating at the beginning myself. But I think I let myself down when I kept sticking to the same meals all the time and when I allowed myself chocolate, I went nuts.

I really do love shopping in the super markets now. Seems a lot more fun now. I've even seen new fruits and veg that I've never seen or heard of before :D
Hi Yasmin, well I have allowed myself about 6 squares of 70% organic dark chocolate about 3 times this past week. I found it was enough for me and I didn't want to eat anymore of it or anything else once I'd finished. I also ate a couple of my freshly baked wholemeal rolls one night and wished I hadn't as they made me have a raging thirst all through that night......so haven't been tempted to do THAT again! I stick to one wholemeal pitta, for breakfast or lunch if I eat any bread at all.


maintaining since June'09
Hi Sharon! Well done you on your 1st week of maintenance and for getting it sooo spot on!!

I'm very curious ... looking at your weights in your signature - what happened to the 2.5lbs that seem to have disappeared between finishing refeeding and starting maintenance??? Oh - I've just thought was that the difference between chemist and at home in the knack???
(just call me a nosey cow :)) xx
Hi Jan, it was because I weighed myself 1st thing in the morning, naked....after a wee......!!! Something the Chemist might have objected to........:giggle:


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
well done supa! thats great :) keep it up :D x


maintaining since June'09
LOL! I guessed that was what it was - It'll happen for me in a couple of weeks too! :) xx
Heehee ah thats brilliant :giggle: Defo a tip Im taking onboard lol ;)

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