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so fat and so depressed


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S: 21st6lb C: 21st6lb BMI: 49.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I started on ww after xmas, and lost a little weight, really slowly, then in the last month, have switched to cambridge, but it's so expensive and restrictive, Im thinking of switching back to ww, but it's so slow! It wouldnt be so bad if I only wanted to lose a stone, but I have tons to lose. I just want to feel good, and look good, and be able to wear nice clothes. Feeling so down :cry:
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I hear what you are saying and u sound like me when I started back in Jan, to be honest the weeks are flying by, and I can honestly say i have changed my food habits for life, I tried the cambridge about 2 yrs ago and it wasn't for me, didnt fit into my real life, with ww watchers I can still have a normal social life and enjoy meals out with my family and friends, also I had to get my head around the fact I didnt get fat overnight it was years of abuse with food and rubbish eating habits/choices. I still have a way to go and sometimes I forget I have lost so much, I found setting myself mini goals instead of looking at the end picture kept me going from the start, I will get to my goal, hopefully by new year but for now I am learning to love myself again and will continue with the mini goals,

only you can decide what it is you want, for me I want to live life AND lose weight, I couldnt do that on cambridge as it was too restrictive for my liking, whatever way you decide to do it, good luck and if you want a chat anytime just shout xxxx
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You sound like me hon. I did Cambridge atthe start of the year and lost 2 stone, but then I got bored of it and started to stray. I am still a stone lighter than I was then but I put one on. I decided I had to eat normal and get my body used to proper food again otherwise it would think I was overeating after Cambridge we will see if that logic worked, I'm on week 1 Cambridge. You can do it honey xx


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I never lose weight in Jan, Feb. Dont know if that is why you are losing slowly but I guess what I am saying is give it time. My advice to you is to track everything that goes in your mouth and it should work for you. It may be slow but its about changing the way you eat. If you get to goal on WW you keep on following it for life and you will never put on weight again.
Hi dietingdon

I know how you feel, I tried both lighterlfe and cambridge, and lost weight on lighterlfe but couldnt afford to carry on, so i tried cambridge, but its still expensive and to be honest i dont want to live a life a hermit - so i started ww. only started yesterday, and fingers crossed it works. I am going to commit 100% to it and shed the pounds.

The cambridge is all very well at losing it fast but believe me, you can gain just as fast once you've just come off it. I gained a stone in a week!!! and i was eating sensibily (weird eh!!!) so it obviously wasn't doing my inside much good.

Good luck with WW and yay lets shed the weight!

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